Donna Reads… favorite titles!

I’m sure I’ll leave out many, but want to list a few favorite titles on my first day of blogging!

Growing up, my favorite books were the Nancy Drew series. My sister would buy them for me on every occasion. Years later, just before getting divorced, I lost them. Lately I’ve begun collecting them again for my grandchildren.

Another big favorite were the Grace Livingston Hill series. I still have most of these… and I’ve added to my collection over the years. It’s hard to believe Ms. Hill began writing (and publishing) her books almost 100 years ago!

When my children were young, another favorite author was Janette Oke. I have most of her books, which I much prefer over the movies adapted from her books.

Several years ago, I discovered the Father Tim / Mitford series by Jan Karon. These are still a favorite series. Every 2-3 years, I pull them out and read them again… starting with the first and not stopping til I’ve read the newest one!

Now it’s time to start writing reviews…


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  1. JCMorrows August 30, 2013 at 1:43 am

    Too long… No such thing as too long in blogging. Or in writing… well, most of the time anyway.


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