Leah’s Choice by Emma Miller (Hannah’s Daughters #4)


Day #17 – Today I am reviewing Leah’s Choice. This is the fourth novel from the series: Hannah’s Daughters, by Emma Miller. This is not a Christmas story, but nonetheless a wonderful, inspiring story.

GoodReads says :

With dreams of marrying an Old Order Amish man, Leah Yoder plans on raising children in the peaceful Delaware community. But when Mennonite missionary Daniel Brown arrives to share his story with their church,

Leah is fascinated by him. She spends time with Daniel in a forbidden courtship to learn how she truly feels about him. Before long, Leah has a choice to make. Should she stay with her community……or leave with the man she believes God has placed in her life’s path?


When Leah goes with three of her sisters to see a powerpoint presentation and hear  a Mennonite missionary share his experience in spreading God’s word, she has no idea how things around her could change.

She discovers a whole different way of life with Daniel, but she is determined to stay true to the Amish beliefs, even though she continues to meet him.

When Daniel falls in love with her, it’s time to make a choice… marry him and be a missionary’s wife, or join the Amish church and marry someone in Seven Poplars.

Ms. Miller does an excellent job showing both sides – the Amish community and the Mennonite community, and how Leah’s choice will affect her entire family. I cried as she made this difficult choice, but what happens if she changes her mind?

If you get the chance, check out the Hannah’s Daughters series by Emma Miller, published under Love Inspired.

I have two others in this series to read and review. Watch for them on this blog.

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