Rebecca’s Christmas Gift by Emma Miller (Hannah’s Daughters #7)


Day #20 – Today I am reviewing Rebecca’s Christmas Gift. This is the 7th novel from the series: Hannah’s Daughters, by Emma Miller.

This IS a Christmas story, and truly a wonderful, inspiring story.

Here is a brief synopsis from GoodReads:

Housekeeper For The Holidays

During the Christmas season, Rebecca Yoder agrees to help new preacher Caleb Wittner with his mischievous daughter. Amelia’s turned the community of Seven Poplars upside down. Only Rebecca can see the pain hidden beneath the little girl’s antics—and her father’s brusque manner.

After losing his wife in a fire, Caleb’s physical scars may be healing, but his emotions have not. Yet Rebecca’s sweet manner soon has him smiling and laughing with his daughter—and his pretty housekeeper. Soon Caleb must decide whether to invite Rebecca into his life—or lose her forever.

Hannah’s Daughters: Seeking love, family and faith in Amish country.


Rebecca has her work cut out for her…

Ms. Miller does a superb job showing Rebecca’s reasons for hesitating… after all, Caleb has just been chosen to be one of the preachers – a job that will last all his lifetime.

He has been called boring, rude and harsh. And his daughter has been described as spoiled and hard to manage. Why would Rebecca want to get involved…

Well, she doesn’t want to get involved. But she does offer to help out as housekeeper and babysitter. I won’t say anything else, except to encourage you to read the book!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading more about Hannah and her daughters… and this story is a great continuation from the previous ones.

Ms. Miller does a great job with the characters… I feel as if I have already met the family and am part of the community! I got so involved I was ready to give Rebecca advice as to what to do next!

Read these books… I would strongly suggest you begin at the beginning… they will be so much more enjoyable and you will feel right at home, going from one book to the next. Here is the list:

1. Courting Ruth
2. Miriam’s Heart
3. Anna’s Gift
4. Leah’s Choice
5. Redeeming Grace
6. Johanna’s Bridegroom
7. Rebecca’s Christmas Gift

If you get the chance, check out the Hannah’s Daughters series by Emma Miller, published under Love Inspired.

This is the last book of this series. But Ms. Miller could always decide to write another… I promise to watch for more books from this author.


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