Finding Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn

Finding Father Christmas

Day #25 – For Christmas I am reviewing Finding Father Christmas by one of my favorite authors, Robin Jones Gunn.

Brief synopsis from Faith Words:

Bestselling author Robin Jones Gunn brings readers a poignant Christmas novella about a woman, desperate for a place to belong, who finds herself in London a few days before Christmas, looking for the father she never knew.

In FINDING FATHER CHRISTMAS, Miranda Carson’s search for her father takes a turn she never expected when she finds herself in London with only a few feeble clues to who he might be. Unexpectedly welcomed into a family that doesn’t recognize her, and whom she’s quickly coming to love, she faces a terrible decision. Should she reveal her true identity and destroy their idyllic image of her father? Or should she carry the truth home with her to San Francisco and remain alone in this world?

Whatever choice she makes during this London Christmas will forever change the future for both herself and the family she can’t bear to leave. Robin Jones Gunn brilliantly combines lyrical writing and unforgettable characters to craft a story of longing and belonging that will stay with readers long after they close the pages of this book.


When Miranda Carson goes to England in search of her father, she has no idea what else she will find; I laughed, I cried, and I couldn’t wait to read the sequel.

I love the way Robin Jones Gunn writes… “a string of merry silver bells jumped and jingled as the north wind shook the evergreen wreath…”

I know when I pick up a book by Ms. Gunn that I won’t have any problems visualizing the scene; immediately I am drawn into whatever is happening! And I know, without question, that whatever I read will be encouraging and inspirational.

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