SisterChicks do the Hula! by Robin Jones Gunn


SisterChicks Do the Hula is the 2nd book in the SisterChicks series by Robin Jones Gunn.

Here is a brief synopsis from GoodReads:

Some dreams take a while before they come true. Best friends Hope and Laurie never made it to Hawaii during their college years. But when they’re about to turn forty, the islands still beckon, and off they go – with an unexpected stowaway on board (Hope happens to be seven months pregnant). A little pineapple, a little sunshine, and a surprising little surfing lesson give these two sisterchicks all their crazy hearts could hope for – and more – as they enter the next season of their lives with a splash and with a beautiful vision of what God has dreamed up for them.

Wherever there’s chocolate, there’s sure to be a sisterchick celebrating, and this trip to Hawaii is no exception. Best friends Hope and Laurie are on an audacious mission to commemorate their fortieth birthdays in style. Surfing and sailing, sushi and snorkeling—these two macadamia nuts from the mainland sample it all, unhindered by a surprise little stowaway.


Robin Jones Gunn won my daughter over with her teenage series… Christy MIller and Sierra Jenson. Now she’s won me over with her adult series… SisterChicks!

Ms. Gunn does an amazing job of connecting each SisterChick book, while making each stand on it’s own perfectly!

You’ll laugh (and cry) with Hope and Laurie (best friends) as they reconnect, relax, and refresh their spirits.

Every SisterChick book is such a blessing. I can’t wait to read the next one…


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