Murder Simply Brewed by Vannetta Chapman (Amish Village Mystery #1)


Murder Simply Brewed is the first book of an Amish Village Mystery series by Vannetta Chapman.

A few words about Murder Simply Brewed from Zondervan:

When the coffee shop manager is murdered in Middlebury’s Amish Artisan Village, two women from different walks of life must join together to solve the mystery.

Spring has arrived in Middlebury, Indiana, and Amber Wright is optimistic about the growing profit from her collection of Amish shops—until she receives a call that Ethan Gray is dead.

Hurrying over to A Simple Blend, she finds a solitary hole in the front window and the store manager lying next to the espresso machine, dead from an apparent heart attack. All the money is still in his register.

When Amber hires a young Amish woman, Hannah Troyer, to take over the shop’s duties, the two women become fast friends—as well as amateur sleuths. The police believe Gray’s death is a by-product of vandalism, but Amber and Hannah aren’t convinced.

Clues that don’t add up, a neighbor who is pulled into the midst of the investigation, a town with secrets to hide, and a blossoming romance—all will combine to push Amber and Hannah into unfamiliar roles in order to reveal answers to the mysteries around them.


Wow! It began so quietly… for a moment or two I thought it might not be as exciting and “mysterious” as Vannetta’s Shipshewana Amish Mystery series…

au contraire!

I have never, to my knowledge, finished a book, only to pick it up again almost immediately to read through again, but that is exactly what I did!

Murder Simply Brewed proved nearly impossible to put down… I can’t remember the last time I felt so anxious… so nervous… waiting for the killer to make their move!

The characters are amazing! Vannetta has captured so many different personalities. Putting them together to solve the mystery works perfectly. I love her idea of adding the “mystery package”. I laughed and laughed over the idea!

Honestly, I cannot say enough about how much I love Vannetta’s writing…

I have quickly learned that Vannetta’s books all belong on my “top shelf”.

In addition to the Shipshewana Amish Mystery series, I have all three of the Pebble Creek Amish series, plus A Simple Amish Christmas and The Christmas Quilt.

A Simple Amish Christmas has been my favorite since the day I read it… until now. Murder Simply Brewed has stolen 1st place!

Visit the book page at Zondervan HERE

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HERE to visit Vannetta Chapman’s website

I was blessed to receive a free copy of this book in advance from the BookLook Blogger program
in exchange for an honest review.

Murder Simply Brewed officially released March 25th! HERE is a link to Amazon and HERE is a link to It is available at both places and many more.

Pick up a copy… don’t miss this fantastic read!


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