A look back… Amish Vines & Orchards book #2 by Cindy Woodsmall

A look back at…

The Winnowing Season…


Book two - The Winnowing Season
GoodReads says:

The tornado that devastated Kings’ Orchard pushed Rhoda, Samuel, and Jacob to make a new start in Maine. Are they strong enough to withstand the challenges of establishing an Amish community–and brave enough to face the secrets that move with them?


I was delighted to find that The Winnowing Season was just as wonderful as A Season For Tending (book 1). The book jumps immediately into trouble coming from the church leaders! Would Rhoda even be allowed to move? Would she be shunned (or worse — excommunicated)?

One disappointment is Jacob. He continues to keep much of his past hidden from Rhoda. The mystery surrounding people from his past frustrates me! What exactly is going on with this woman and her daughter and just how is he connected to them? Does he really love Rhoda or not? Does Samuel?

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