Re-reading | Anna’s Gift by Emma Miller (Hannah’s Daughters #3)


Today I am reviewing Anna’s Gift. This is the third novel from the Hannah’s Daughters series by Emma Miller.

This is what GoodReads has to say about Anna’s Gift:

No one in Seven Poplars, Delaware, expects Anna Yoder “ever” to marry. Among her six pretty, petite sisters, big and plain Anna feels like a plow horse. But then Samuel Mast, the handsome widowed father she has secretly loved for years, asks if he can court her.

Surely Anna has misheard–Samuel has his pick of lovely brides!

She’s convinced he seeks a wife only as a mother for his five children. Or could a man like Samuel actually have a very romantic reason for wanting Anna by his side forever?


This story is my favorite so far, of all the books in the series. Anna has so much to offer a man, although none of the men (and many of the women) can’t see it. I love how Samuel can see it… and appreciate it… and dear, sweet Anna.

Samuel appreciates Anna for her inner beauty and her gift of hospitality, her good sense and kindness. But unknown to Anna, Samuel has been attracted to her for several years… he’s been giving her time to grow up… and maybe time for him to get his courage up to ask her to marry him.

In the meantime, everyone – including Anna – thinks Samuel wants to marry Hannah!

Unfortunately, when he does ask her to court him, he forgets to mention how much he cares for her, so she thinks he is settling for her because he desperately needs someone to care for his children and his home.

Will he ever tell her how he really feels? Will she ever know he truly cares for her?

Emma does a superb job showing Anna’s reasons for hesitating and Samuel’s determination to win her.

There is one very special part in Emma’s books… at the end of each book in the series, Emma skips ahead and gives us an epilogue – a look at a few weeks, months, or even a year down the road. Then when the next book in the series is written, Emma returns to the end of the previous book – before the epilogue, so that you can begin again just where the previous story ended (not counting the epilogue) so we don’t miss anything. I love this! Thank you, Emma!


Hannah’s Daughters by Emma Miller, published under Love Inspired.

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