Re-reading | Johanna’s Bridegroom by Emma Miller (Hannah’s Daughters #6)


Today I am reviewing Johanna’s Bridegroom. This is the sixth novel from the Hannah’s Daughters series by Emma Miller.

This is what GoodReads has to say about Johanna’s Bridegroom:

Will You Marry Me?

Bold widow Johanna Yoder stuns Roland Byler when she asks him to be her husband. To Johanna, it seems very sensible that they marry. She has two children, and he has a son.

Why shouldn’t their families become one?

But the widower has never forgotten his long-ago love for her; it was his foolish mistake that split them apart. This could be a fresh start for both of them. Until she reveals she wants a marriage of convenience only.

It’s up to Roland to woo the stubborn Johanna and convince her to accept him as her groom in her home and in her heart.


Emma Miller shows the strength and determination found in Amish women when Hannah’s eldest daughter, Johanna, stays with an abusive husband until she fears for her son’s life. Wilmer eventually takes his own life and Johanna moves back home with her family.

Emma Miller goes into the thoughts and feelings of someone who has been abused and the battles they face after it ends. The fear and anguish doesn’t end just because the abuse has ended. Now Johanna has to live with the fear that perhaps she could have done more to help him.

It’s easy to identify with Johanna, who fears the idea of loving another man, and the fact that another marriage will once again put her under another man’s authority, effectively taking away her freedom.

Ms. Miller does a great job showing how Johanna struggles with the decision of whether or not to marry Roland, her childhood sweetheart.

And I love how the author always moves into the future at the end of her books to show how well everything turns out. At the end of each book in the series, Emma skips ahead and gives us an epilogue – a look at a few weeks, months, or even a year down the road. Then when the next book in the series is written, Emma returns to the end of the previous book – before the epilogue, so that you can begin again just where the previous story ended (not counting the epilogue) so we don’t miss anything. I love this! Thank you, Emma!


Hannah’s Daughters by Emma Miller, published under Love Inspired.

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