First Impressions by Sarah Price (The Amish Classics #1)

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First Impressions is the first in the series The Amish Classics by Sarah Price.

Here is a brief synopsis from GoodReads:

Will pride and prejudice keep the Blank sisters from finding love?

With five daughters and no sons, Daed and Maem Blank are anxious to find their girls suitors who might eventually take over their family farm. When news arrives that Charles Beachey, the son of a prominent Amish farmer, will be returning from Ohio with his cousin Frederick, they are hopeful that the young men might be good matches for their daughters.

The oldest daughter, Jane, starts courting Charles, a well-mannered and very respectful young man, but her younger sister Lizzie is not interested in either courtship or Frederick.

In fact, she wants nothing to do with him, finding him full of pride and disdain for her family’s way of life. But in a community and culture where pride is scorned, Lizzie must learn that first impressions can be dangerous and people are not always who they seem to be.

This Amish retelling of the popular Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice is a beautiful take on the power of love to overcome class boundaries and prejudices that will win your heart.


An Amish tale of Pride and Prejudice…

Honestly, when you begin reading, this story doesn’t grab you – it seems refreshingly normal – however, it’s anything BUT normal…

Sarah begins this story by describing the sunset and the peaceful surroundings on the farm. I could hear the robins, see the cows, chickens, a rooster, and the barefoot young girl wearing a prayer kapp, walking to the mailbox – to find a letter the family has been waiting for…

Somehow I didn’t expect the mother to be so impatient, so scheming, so nervous, yet so demanding! She gives a delightful bite to the story!

The relationship between Lizzie and her mother is somewhat strained and uncomfortable, but this doesn’t bother Lizzie much, since she spends most of her time outside, helping her father.

… until her mother decides that it’s time for Lizzie to marry a distant cousin and move away to Ohio! When Lizzie tries to refuse, her mother says she’ll shun her if she refuses him!

I didn’t really catch the connection to “Pride and Prejudice” until the end, but it is truly a great description for the characters in this story – the trouble is figuring out which are more prideful and which are more prejudiced!

Sarah weaves an intriguing story line. I was soon caught up in the story because the characters are so true to life – it was easy to see… and hear… Lizzie and her family as they find encouragement in their new neighbors and when their hopes are dashed.

You won’t want to put this book down until you get to the end… and the exciting conclusion.


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God bless!


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