The Rescue by Suzanne Woods Fisher (Inn at Eagle Hill novella)

He’s taking a chance on love… and there’s no plan B.

The Rescue by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Today I am reviewing The Rescue, an Inn at Eagle Hill novella by Suzanne Woods Fisher but technically the third to be read in the series.

The following is from Suzanne’s website:

Will Stoltz has returned to Stoney Ridge with a clear plan. He’s opening a wild bird rescue center and is determined to rekindle his fizzled romance with Jackie Colombo, the veterinarian who stole his heart.

But nothing is working out as Will planned. The leased building for the rescue center is a disaster, his funding is rapidly dwindling, and Jackie Colombo has disappeared without a trace.

When an injured eagle is found in a pasture near the Inn at Eagle Hill, Will is desperate to prove to himself, to his skeptical father, and to everyone else that his mission has not been in vain.

But even the best laid plans are no match for fate.


This story was so great… I really wished it was a full-size novel. I’m sure Suzanne could have done it. But it was fun reading about Will Stoltz… at Stoney Ridge.

Poor Will… he soon realizes he made his decision to settle in Stoney Ridge based on the idea of finding the young vet he had connected with before, but she wasn’t to be found. Then young Luke hears that she’s been shot in the stomach 15 times!

I won’t go on so I don’t spoil the story for you (but the above paragraph is absolutely true)! Since this is an ebook, you can read it immediately if you buy it and download it to your iPhone, tablet or computer. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.


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