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Today I am reviewing A Mother’s Secret, the second novel in the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series by Amy Clipston.

This is what GoodReads has to say about A Mother’s Secret:

Carolyn Lapp dreams of marrying for love. But will the errors of her past destroy this dream forever?

Carolyn Lapp longs to have a traditional Amish family. But she lives on her brother’s farm with her parents and her 15-year old son, Benjamin. Carolyn has never revealed the identity of Benjamin’s father and lives daily with the guilt and shame of her youthful indiscretion.

Her brother simply will not forgive her. His answer is to arrange a practical marriage for Carolyn to Saul, a widower with a little girl. But Carolyn isn’t convinced that Saul really loves her and believes he is simply looking for someone to help raise his daughter.

When Benjamin causes trouble at a local horse auction, horse breeder Joshua Glick decides that he must be taught a lesson. Carolyn and Joshua are unmistakably drawn to each other, but Joshua mistakenly assumes that Benjamin is Carolyn’s brother. Carolyn fears that if he discovers the truth, her past will destroy their budding romance.

After years of shame and loneliness, Carolyn suddenly has two men vying for her attention. But which of them will give her the family—and the unconditional love—she’s longed for?


My thoughts:

Amy Clipston writes great Amish fiction!

I have another new favorite series… the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series!

I love how this book is part of the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series; it’s not necessarily what happens in the hotel that is most important – the focus is on the characters in their homes and community. But the ladies who work at the hotel are imperative to the story!

I was glad to see that Hannah and her children are doing well, although they’re living as Englishers now (well, all but one). Amanda seems to be thriving – and hopefully she’ll be able to connect with her twin sister. I also like how this story doesn’t talk about Hannah, except in passing. The author realizes that readers are still interested in knowing how Hannah is doing, and mentions her without taking away from the main character in this book.

In the last story, I was rooting for Joshua, but I thought the story ended well. He is still a focal point in this story and I’m happy to say he is doing better than ever! Let me just say that by the end of the book, I was mighty proud of him!

I’m trying to not give away anything – at least anything pertinent – so bear with me. If you enjoyed A Hopeful Heart, you’re gonna love A Mother’s Secret… but it’s really terrific if you read them in order.

If you haven’t read A Hopeful Heart yet, read it… then dive right in and read A Mother’s Secret… and thankfully (whew) A Dream of Home is expected to be released soon (see pertinent information below).

I enjoyed every moment of this story… even better, Amy has entrusted me with an advanced copy of A Dream of Home to read and post my review this month along with the others in the series. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy from Amazon… don’t wait until the price goes up, click the link below and get your copy ordered (release date is November 4, 2014).


Keep watching… I’ll be posting my review for A Dream of Home very soon!

…Amy has worked very hard and she has a 4th installment coming out next year called A Simple Prayer. You can count on me to read and review it – as quickly as possible!

Happy Reading!
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God bless you!


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