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Today I am reviewing destination unknown, the sequel to roadside assistance by Amy Clipston.

This is what GoodReads has to say about destination unknown:

It’s senior year, and Whitney Richards is tired of the constant pressures to be perfect.

When she gets a D in Calculus, her mother immediately hires a tutor, worried Whitney won’t get into the ‘right’ college—her alma mater—with imperfect grades.

Her tutor, Taylor, is a quiet, mysterious boy who is unlike anyone Whitney has met before. But Taylor’s rougher upbringing has her mother and friends discouraging any type of relationship.

Tired of having to play a part for everyone else, Whitney quits the cheerleading squad that once defined her social identity, and begins spending more time with Taylor.

Her mom and friends worry Whitney is making a huge mistake, and even Taylor begins to show concern for some of her choices. But for the first time, Whitney is in the driver’s seat of her life. Will she be able to find her identity—and God’s plan for her life—before she throws everything away?


I was thrilled to discover destination unknown, a sequel to the equally amazing roadside assistance!

Although I’m miles past my young adult years, it was much simpler than I expected to re-connect with my teenage thoughts and feelings – I have a theory that Amy Clipston writes such amazing books that she makes it easier to connect because she writes it just as I remember it to be.

Don’t let the cover fool you… Whitney stays and shows everyone that she knows what she wants and she’s willing to do what it takes to get it.

Without giving away too much (hopefully), I could so identify with Whitney when she lies to cover up a truth that she knows will just upset everyone else. She tries to convince herself it really isn’t much of a lie, but she knows better. And when the truth comes out, lots of people end up hurt – including Whitney!

Fortunately, she is learning to depend on God through prayer, as well as being strong enough to face her family and friends with the truth – and sincere apologies.

Amy is an amazing writer!

I’ve been told not to expect any other YA novels after Miles From Nowhere is published, but I’m hoping in the years to come that Amy will be able to publish more YA novels… teenagers need to read and hear her sage advice, hidden inside her novels.

Happy Reading!!!

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