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Thank you for joining me for this exciting Author Spotlight!

Vannetta Chapman is definitely one of my FAVORITE authors! I hope I’ve shown this as I devoted the month of September to her, writing about her wonderful books and her generosity in giving away books and special treats, not only on my blog, but on many other sites as well!


First, a bit about Vannetta via her WEBSITE:

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The first thing you need to know about me is that I write Fiction full of GRACE.

Every plot is different. The characters change. Some of my books are mysteries, others are novellas, and some are romances. But they all are stories of light, hope, and truth. Stories that at least for a moment touch the deepest places in our heart.

Tales that whisper hope. That speak of family and community. That remind us of God and His love.

What do I write? If I had to reduce it to four words, I suppose I’d say I write Fiction full of GRACE.


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I hold a BA and MA degree in English, and I am proud to be represented by Mary Sue Seymour, AAR. I have published over one hundred articles in Christian family magazines, and have received over two dozen awards from Romance Writers of America chapter groups. I am honored to be a member of Romance Writers of America, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Faith Hope and Love.

I live and teach in the Texas hill country with my husband, cats, and a rather large herd of deer. Our four children have flown the nest; however, we are fortunate that they all live close enough to visit.


I have always felt that my faith was at the very center of who and what I am, and I am thrilled beyond words to be able to now write about something that is so near to my heart. At various times I have served as a pianist, teacher, church secretary, and worship team member. While living in the Dallas area, I served as an adjunct professor of English Literature at Dallas Baptist University. When we moved to a small town in Central Texas, I continued teaching for a few years, but I now write full-time and I play the keyboard in our church’s praise band.

My grandfather was born in Albion, Pennsylvania, and I am currently researching whether I might have Amish roots.

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Vannetta is a proud member of the following writing organizations:

American Christian Fiction Writers

Faith, Hope and Love (Inspirational Chapter of RWA)

Romance Writers of America


Here is my interview with Vannetta!

Do you use an outline for your stories? One novel in particular intrigues me – in A Simple Amish Christmas, Eli gets a letter from the new owner of the general store, but the sequel was published 3 years later. Did you already plan for a sequel with the new owner being Samuel’s sister-in-law, or was she put in that role when you began the sequel?

I do not use outlines, though I realize a lot of authors do! AS far as the scene you are referring to, yes–I knew that Eli was selling the store to Samuel’s sister-in-law. I had hoped to do a sequel, but it took a couple of years before we could work out the particulars of The Christmas Quilt with the publisher.

Do you find that writing under a deadline takes the fun out of writing? If so, how do you deal with that? Are there any special snacks you like to have handy?

I don’t mind deadlines. They definitely keep me motivated. Every morning I write down 5 things I’m grateful for (above my to-do list). Often I write that I’m grateful for WORK. It’s a blessing to have this job. As far as snacks, I don’t really eat at my desk but I like to take breaks and have an apple with peanut butter and maybe one more cup of coffee.

You recently posted about how the Amish deal with stress. What is/are your favorite way(s) to deal with your own stress?

My tried-and-true method is to walk. When I’m outside, my worries seem less urgent and I’m usually able to regain my perspective.

You often hold contests where you offer your readers a chance to caption photos that you post. Was there anything in particular that inspired these contests?

I think I saw another author do that! It’s a lot of fun to see what folks put, and it’s a great way–in my opinion–to involve readers.

Do you have a folder or a file where you keep future ideas for stories or do you just come up with all of your ideas after a suggestion from your editor/agent/friends?

Lately I keep them under NOTES on my iPhone. Usually those refer to something I’m currently working on though, something I’ve thought of and don’t want to forget. As far as future ideas, I usually just let them roll around in my brain for months.

You are self-publishing your newest novel “Hidden”… could you share a bit about that with us? What advantages or disadvantages did you find in self-publishing? Is this something you would do again?

I love this story. At its heart, it is about our tendency to hide our scars. But our heavenly father doesn’t want us scarred. He is willing and waiting to take away those things and make us new. That’s Dana’s story, but it’s told in a very fast-paced, exciting plot set in Taos, New Mexico.

This is my first self-published book, so I’m like a NEWBY AUTHOR learning everything all over again. I would say the advantages are that you rarely find yourself waiting on other people. It’s all about what I’ve managed to complete. And yes, I do plan to have another release in the Jacobs Family Series next spring. While the characters are related (sisters in this case), the stories are entirely stand-alone novels.

Your story would be a tremendous inspiration to single mothers everywhere. Have you considered writing a memoir or biographical-type book?

I have not, though I love taking opportunities such as interviews and blog spots to encourage single moms. God has a plan for everyone, and though there are many days we struggle, we can trust and believe in his love for us.

What are you working on right now? Can you give us a hint?

Right now I’m working on a novella that will precede Anna’s Healing. These are Amish books published by Harvest House and set in Oklahoma. The novella will introduce the series and focuses on an Englisch lawyer who becomes Amish. Book 2 will deal with how the Amish participate in missions. It’s a wonderful series, and I think readers will enjoy the original story lines.
Thank You Vannetta, for taking the time to share a bit about your thoughts on writing! I asked questions I’ve been especially curious about–not just standard industry queries–and I appreciate how you’ve patiently answered each one, making me feel like a close friend.

Click HERE to visit Vannetta’s blog for updates and info, HERE for her Facebook page, HERE for Twitter and HERE for her Author page on GoodReads!


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And now here’s a look at what we have to look forward to from Vannetta Chapman:

I was blessed to receive a look at Vannetta’s first book in the Jacobs Family Series titled HIDDEN which will be released tomorrow (September 30th) and again blessed with a look at the second book in the Amish Village Mysteries titled Murder Tightly Knit which is scheduled for release on December 16th!

I was truly blessed when Vannetta sent me a proof of these books so I could include a review for them this month… they’re AWESOME!

Vannetta recently announced that her 3 Shipshewana Mystery Novels were being compiled into 1 volume! I love having my favorite books on kindle or iBook, as I recently discovered when I traveled to St. Louis for the 2014 ACFW Conference; having an ebook to read is a huge benefit when waiting around at the airport!

I’m excited about the Plain and Simple Miracles Series that will be coming out beginning September 2015 through October 2016!

  • Anna’s Healing (Book 1 – September 2015)
  • Joshua’s Mission (Book 2 – February 2016)
  • Sarah’s Orphans (Book 3 – October 2016)

I was so thrilled to hear that a new series is being written and published; I can’t wait to read them!

Click HERE to read much more about these books!

THANK YOU for joining me for this special AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT!.

Don’t forget to check back or follow my blog to see new reviews – I plan to dedicate next month to another of my favorite authors!
Check back on October 1st to find out who it is…

God bless you!

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