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Andi Under Pressure is the second book in the Andi Boggs series by Amanda Flower.

Here is a brief synopsis from Goodreads:

Twelve-year-old Andora ‘Andi’ Boggs and her new best friend Colin Carter couldn’t be more excited to attend the prestigious science camp at the local university in Killdeer, Ohio.

Unfortunately, Discovery Camp’s curriculum appears to include much more than just chemistry and biology.

From day one, the university is plagued by a series of pranks—missing markers, loose crickets, and stolen scales. Campus security blames the mysterious janitor Polk, but even though Andi agrees he’s acting suspicious, she can’t believe the gentle old man would do anything illegal.

Then one prank goes too far and their chemistry professor is injured by an explosion in the lab, upping the stakes of the investigation.

Andi and Colin must unravel the secrets behind the chemistry department and Polk’s dark past before danger closes the camp for good.


It isn’t easy for an almost retired grandma to put herself in the role of a middle-school student, but that is exactly what it took to read — and enjoy — Andi Under Pressure! And it was fun, too!

The writing style not only suits the age group it’s written for, but parents will love reading these stories to their children at bedtime. And the children will love the stories!

The books are exciting — without being too scary; they’re educational, with lots of information children will enjoy learning; plus it’s easy for children to see themselves in the role of Andi or Colin!

Amanda Flower does a superb job with these characters… Andi and her new best friend Colin, their families, and friends they meet along the way. The continuity is excellent — I find myself wondering what the next mystery will be!

If you’re looking for some great additions to your home library, be sure to add the Andi Boggs series… beginning with Andi Unexpected… and Andi Under Pressure!

I’m hoping to hear about another new sequel any day…

Don’t miss this series!

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God bless you!

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