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Plainly Murder is the prequel to the Amish Quilt Shop Mystery series by Amanda Flower (oops)… I mean Isabella Alan.

Here is a brief synopsis from Goodreads:

Welcome to Rolling Brook, Ohio, a quaint Amish community where life is less tranquil than it seems.

Angela Braddock has come to Rolling Brook to lend a hand at her Aunt Eleanor’s traditional Amish quilt shop.

But when Eleanor’s quilting circle mourns the loss of their oldest member, Evelyn, they make a startling discovery about a tragic event in Evelyn’s past.

More than a decade earlier, during a barn raising, Evelyn’s son Eric fell from the roof and died.

Evelyn had always insisted that Eric was pushed, and now a clue in an old quilt convinces Angie to dig up the truth…and discover one of Rolling Brook’s darkest secrets.

Don’t miss this prequel to the first novel in the Amish Quilt Shop Mystery series, Murder, Plain and Simple


Amanda Flower…ahem Isabella Alan has written an amazing prequel for a new Amish mystery series!

I have just finished reading Plainly Murder… and I discovered the strangest thing…

It didn’t read at all like the other mysteries I’ve been reading –- of course, I’ve been reading mysteries by Amanda Flower, and this one is by Isabella Alan 😉

How did she do that!!!

Well… however she did it -– it was great!

I can honestly say I enjoyed it from beginning to end… and can’t wait to begin reading Murder, Plain and Simple!

… and I have to admit that I got a big kick out of the numbering of the books

• Plainly Murder (ebook) = #0.5
• Murder Plain and Simple = #1
• Murder, Simply Stitched = #2
• Murder, Served Simply = #3

… and I’ll be back to review each and every one of them, even the newest sequel — Murder, Served Simply — with a release date of December 2, 2014 — a perfect Christmas gift for mystery lovers.

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You can find more about Amanda Flower on her website… HERE


God bless you!

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