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I feel blessed that Amanda Isabella Alan granted me the honor to review Murder, Simply Stitched — the third book in the Amish Quilt Shop Mystery series.

Here is a brief synopsis from Goodreads:

Amish quilt shop owner Angie Braddock has a lot on her plate this Christmas. But things only get worse after someone develops a taste for murder…

Angie’s parents are visiting Rolling Brook for Christmas—but unfortunately, her ex is joining them.

Luckily, Angie has no time to dwell on her romantic troubles as she prepares her store, Running Stitch, for the town’s traditional progressive dinner, featuring a sleigh ride stopping at each shop for a different course of the meal.

The meal ends with an Amish-themed Christmas play at the Swiss Valley Hotel and Barn. But the performance is cut short when an actress falls from the scaffolding to her death. After the sheriff suspects foul play, tensions between the Amish and Englisch heat up, as do rivalries among the acting troupe.

Now Angie and her quilting circle must stitch together clues before they’re the ones running for cover…



Isabella Alan has an amazing talent for writing mysteries! I would think Amish-Englisch mysteries would be especially difficult, but Isabella does it with style… and an over-the-top cast of characters!

Angie’s parents visit for Christmas, bringing her ex-fiance… who is determined to renew their engagement, whether Angie wants him or not! Sheriff Mitchell doesn’t quite know what to think of this; nor does he know what to do. Should he fight for Angie — or let her go?

When Angie witnesses another murder — a most unlikely victim — everyone gets involved… the quilt shop circle in particular. Why does it seem like there’s a possible suspect at each turn?

Isabella has created a community of Amish — and Englisch — characters that wouldn’t seem to go together, but they come together when tragedy (or danger) occurs. With each sequel, I’m watching to see what will happen…

As long as Isabella (or Amanda… or whoever) keeps writing these amazing mysteries, I’ll keep reading them (and reviewing them, too). As a matter of fact, I have just received news that there is a fourth sequel in the works — and I can’t wait to read it, too! If you want to know more about it, check back tomorrow…

Murder, Served Simply will be released on December 2nd — just in time for Christmas (get it for your BFFs)!

Don’t miss this great new series!

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