Patchwork Dreams | Laura V. Hilton Marathon

Patchwork Dreams is the first book in The Amish of Seymour series by Laura V. Hilton.

Here is a brief synopsis from Goodreads:

Ever since returning from her rumspringa pregnant and unwed, Becky Troyer has been a pariah in her Amish community in Missouri. Even after the young mother confesses her sin and rejoins the church, her peers continue to shun her, and she despairs the unlikelihood of marrying for love. It seems that her only hope is to eventually marry a widower with a family of his own.

Becky’s world changes when Jacob Miller arrives at her family’s farm with the understanding that he will help with chores during the summer and then return to Pennsylvania. What Jacob does not know is that his father, who disapproves of Jacob’s sweetheart, Susie, sent him away as part of a plan to introduce new blood into the Amish community of Seymour.

In addition to his work around the farm, Jacob undertakes the task of cheering up the lovely yet listless Becky, inviting her to various youth gatherings and offering her the only unconditional friendship she’s known.

As their relationship grows, the two find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other. Will Becky and Jacob overcome their insecurities and self–doubts so that their love can grow, or will Jacob keep his pledge to Susie and turn his back on Becky, as so many others have done?


I am totally IN LOVE with this Amish series by Laura Hilton!

I knew from the moment Jacob met Becky, that he wouldn’t be able to resist her… well, at least I hoped that would be the way it would turn out. Sometimes it’s not so simple – at least nowadays – for people to overcome doubts and insecurities and to accept someone whose reputation isn’t so stellar, as was the case for Becky.

Sure, she made a mistake – don’t we all?

The author does a marvelous job creating the characters for this series! Although some of us would like to picture those in the Amish church as near perfect as possible, Laura goes ahead and gives her characters flaws to make them look and sound like real people – at least to me.

Yes, Becky made mistakes with an Englischer and ended up pregnant; Jacob was heading down a path full of mistakes when he got involved with Susie. But so did the church members even after Becky joined the church and obeyed her bishop by doing a kneeling confession in front of the people… and was shunned for six weeks. Too many of them never let her forget her sin – and treated her thus, continuing to shun her or treat her as someone with loose morals.

I’m telling you, these characters are “full of character” – for better or worse.

If you enjoy reading Amish novels, you’ll love Patchwork Dreams… and if you enjoy reading good Christian romance novels, you’ll really love the entire series!

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God bless you!

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