Surrendered Love | Laura V. Hilton Marathon

Surrendered Love
is the second book in The Amish of Webster County series by Laura V. Hilton.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Janna Kauffman enjoys her job as a personal shopper for the homebound in her Amish community.

But when Janna’s niece, Meghan, comes to live with her family, part of a plan by Janna’s sister to rid her daughter of her rebellious ways, Janna spends less time shopping and more time explaining Meghan’s erratic behavior to local police officer Hiram “Troy” Troyer, who was raised Amish but left the faith after a fatal accident that killed his brother and also a brother of Janna’s.

Frequent interactions draw Janna and Troy together, rekindling an attraction they first experienced in their youth.

What will become of their relationship? And will headstrong Meghan ever tame her ways?


I am more and more thrilled with each book… and each series… written by Laura V. Hilton! She’s an absolutely amazing writer!

The first book in the series caught me off guard with a bit of a different story line than usual… when I began reading this book, I was tickled pink to find the same sort of story line – it’s fun, unique, and exciting, to boot.

When this story begins, Janna is shopping and runs into Hiram Troyer, the boy she always hoped would want to court her… we first heard of Janna and Hiram in Healing Love, but Hiram had already jumped the fence (left their Amish community)…

In this amazing story, Janna and Hiram, who goes by Troy now that he’s living as an Englischer, are brought together again and again when her niece Meghan keeps getting into trouble.

Janna and Troy have a past — but it’s difficult to guess whether they’ll have a future or not, since Troy is sure that even if he wants to join the church, he won’t be allowed to, because of something that he did just before he took off and left the community.

Although Janna is determined to stay in the church, the fact that her dat is the bishop is another factor to consider — but if Troy won’t come back, what will she do?

The solution in this novel is as interesting as all the stories in Laura’s books. She has such a talent for creating awesome characters. If I go to Seymour, I would not be surprised to find Janna and Troy… and their families — they’re that real to the readers.

I want to include my thanks to my daughter for contacting Ms. Hilton to request that she be my featured guest author on my book blog for November – thanks, Rachel!

Surrendered Love is every bit as wonderful as the first book in the series, Healing Love… and I can’t wait to read the third book in the series, Awakened Love… I can begin on it tonight.

If you enjoy reading Amish novels, read Surrendered Love… and if you enjoy reading good Christian romance novels, you’ll really love the entire series!

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God bless you!


Disclosure of Material Connection: The opinions I express are my own, but I received this book free from the author in appreciation for featuring her this month on my blog.


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