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Today I’m reviewing Christmas Lessons part of the Christmas Traditions series #5 by Patty Smith Hall.

Here is a brief synopsis from Goodreads:

Love isn’t always enough.

If it were, history teacher Claire Davenport would have married her childhood sweetheart Billy Warner in a heartbeat. But Billy has big dreams of coaching college football, a plan that could be sidetracked by Claire’s disability. Fearing he’ll resent her, Claire breaks their engagement and sets out to build a life around the children at her school.

But Christmas is the Season of Miracles!

Two years later, Billy Warner is back in Marietta, the new head coach at the school where Claire teaches, and determined to find out why she broke his heart. Working together to give Christmas to needy families in their community, they can’t deny the love they’ve always shared, but will it be enough to last a lifetime?

A sweet Christmas novella by the author of Hearts in Flight, Hearts in Hiding and Hearts Rekindled



I absolutely LOVE this story!

No one knows why Claire broke off her engagement, except perhaps Claire.

But even when Billy shows up again, after accepting a job in the same school where she works, Claire is determined to ignore her feelings; to never forget that breaking their engagement had been for the best.

The author did a wonderful job creating characters for this story; they are well-written, believable and entertaining. The plot flows well, with a smooth, continuous unfolding story – one that carries the reader from beginning to end without any major distractions or losing interest.

Patty doesn’t try to make it more difficult, or sneak in unbelievable scenes; but instead gives it enough structure, which makes it impossible to put down!

You can purchase this in ebook format right now… and begin reading for yourself.

I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

You can read more reviews and more about the book on Goodreads HERE

And click HERE for Patty’s website!

God bless you!


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