If you’ve ever wondered what a “street team” is…

Nearly a year ago my daughter contacted Jennifer about a street team.

She had begun writing book reviewing and wondered why none of the companies she reviewed for offered Jennifer’s books.

It turned out that Jennifer did not have a street team at that point in time but she had been thinking of starting one up.

It did not surprise any of us when a couple of months later she started one — and offered my daughter a place on it — which she happily snatched up and begun reviewing the books we already had of Jennifer’s in preparation for her next release.

So, you may be asking, what is a “street team”?

We are Jennifer’s “on the street” advertising team. A big part of our duty consists of reading her latest books and writing reviews but there are other very important parts to it as well.

We are responsible for promoting Jennifer’s books in our everyday life as well as any posts written for the purpose of encouragement, support or promotion. We send requests out to our friends to “like” Jennifer’s author page on facebook… and we let our friends know when Jennifer’s books are available — and on sale.

Jennifer sends us promotional materials, which we happily pass out to friends, co-workers, bookstores, libraries and people we meet while shopping for books.

The funny part is, my daughter and I talked up Jennifer’s books long before we ever began reviewing or promoting for her. We love her books so it’s no hardship to talk about how awesome they really are!

This is a volunteer position; of course occasionally we get bonus sneak peeks into her stories and sometimes… an early look at what’s coming up for one of our favorite authors! If you love Jennifer’s books as much as we do, watch her website for news about her street team.

Most authors ask their street teams for a one-year commitment. If you have a favorite author, watch for news from them that they’re looking for new members for their street team.

God bless you!


© Donna J. Mynatt 2014


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