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Today I’m reviewing Maggie’s Mission, the second novel in the Love & War series by Rachel Muller.

Here is a brief synopsis from Goodreads:

A buried vow and a broken past meet face to face on enemy territory…

Lieutenant Maggie Johnson has had to overcome many obstacles in her life, including her parents’ disapproval of her enlistment in the Army Nurse Corps and the sudden death of her GI boyfriend, Danny Russo. A sudden blow that forced her to leave behind a promise once made.

But Germany introduces more hurdles that hinder her life. Like Army nurse lieutenant, Peggy Blizzard-a woman as cold as her name. While trying to avoid a war breaking out within her own barracks, Maggie pushes through Germany’s harsh winter, and Peggy’s cold shoulder, and aims to do her job-saving lives.

But when tragedy strikes the field hospital, it’s Maggie’s life that needs saving instead. Maggie’s harrowing rescue will haunt her for months to come when a ruggedly handsome soldier comes to her aid and resembles the face of a man she once loved . . . a man who is dead.

Is war playing mind games with Maggie, or is she facing the ghosts of her past?


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Oh my… I’m speechless — or close to it!

How do I describe how amazing… how wonderful… how awesome… the Love & War series by Rachel Muller is to me.

The first novel completely caught me off guard. Forgive me, Rachel, but I only offered to read and review it because you’re such a dear online friend.

How was I to know that I would be bowled over by the intensity — and the realism — of the story. I completely fell in love with a genre I had never, ever been interested in!

Oh well, I’ve read a story or two, but never because I had an interest in it. And when I put the book down, I could comment on the story or the writing, but otherwise I just didn’t care for the genre a bit.

Well, that’s all gone now!

I’ve spent most of today reading 372 pages of book 2 — and if Rachel would send me the draft for book 3, I’d stay up half the night reading it, too! I just wouldn’t be able to wait!

I guess you can say it’s gotten into my blood…

I’m not going to take up time talking about the story — the synopsis above does a great job telling you what to expect.


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God bless you!


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2 thoughts on “Maggie’s Mission | Rachel Muller Marathon

  1. rachelsfrontporch January 4, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    Thanks so much for featuring me this week on your blog, Donna. I couldn’t be blessed more with such wonderful reviewers. My thanks also goes to my Savior, by whom this gift of writing would not be given without. It is my prayer that readers who delve into the stories of Grace Campbell and Maggie Johnson will find a deeper meaning than a traditional romance. I pray they will see God’s love and His grace and mercy to allow second chances.
    God bless and thanks again!


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    • DJ Mynatt January 4, 2015 at 4:37 pm

      It has been my great pleasure, Rachel.



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