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Here’s a look at what we have to look forward to from Rachel Muller in 2015:

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Maggie’s Mission – Book 2 in the Love & War series

A buried vow and a broken past meet face to face on enemy territory…

Lieutenant Maggie Johnson has overcome many obstacles in her life, including her parents’ disapproval of her enlistment in the Army Nurse Corps and the sudden death of her GI boyfriend, Danny Russo.

A sudden blow that forced her to leave behind a promise once made. But Germany introduces more hurdles that hinder her life. Like Army nurse lieutenant, Peggy Blizzard — a woman as cold as her name.

While trying to avoid a war breaking out within her own barracks, Maggie pushes through Germany’s harsh winter, and Peggy’s cold shoulder, and aims to do her job — saving lives. But when tragedy strikes the field hospital, it’s Maggie’s life that needs saving instead.

Maggie’s harrowing rescue will haunt her for months to come when a ruggedly handsome soldier comes to her aid and resembles the face of a man she once loved . . . a man who is dead.

Is war playing mind games with Maggie, or is she facing the ghosts of her past?


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Phillip’s War – Book 3 in the Love & War series

The war is over for Corporal Phillip Johnson, and no one could be happier than his wife, Libby.

But after the homecoming festivities have calmed, Libby senses something is wrong.

Questioning Phillip only angers him and thrusts him deeper into his melancholy. She takes extra strides to accommodate this unfamiliar side of her husband, but when his despair turns volatile she needs an escape.

Will Libby and Phillip find healing and restoration of their marriage or will their love sink in the midst of Phillip’s inward war?


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I’m told Rachel has several more projects in mind but nothing she can share yet. Keep watching though… She is bound to let us in on more soon!

And you can always find more about Rachel MullerHERE

I can’t wait to read and review each new release!


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2 thoughts on “NEW books for 2015… | Rachel Muller Marathon

  1. Robin Lowrey January 5, 2015 at 10:03 am

    Thank you, Donna, for featuring Rachel. Maggie’s Mission is fantastic and a great read for the new year. I can’t wait for Phillip’s War to release.

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    • DJ Mynatt January 5, 2015 at 4:53 pm

      Me, too! It sounds like we’ll need a box of tissues!


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