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Today I’m reviewing Where Hope Starts, the first book in the Life at Applewood Hill series by Angela D. Meyer.

Here is a brief synopsis from Goodreads:

In a city full of dreams… Karen Marino’s life is a nightmare. The New York City restaurant manager is a professional success, but her marriage is in shambles. When her husband, Barry shows up drunk at her restaurant, she loses both.

She flees The Big Apple and returns to her Midwestern home to sort through her options. But instead of answers, she finds an old boyfriend ready to rekindle romance, a family full of secrets and an angry brother bent on revenge.

Still in New York, Barry fights his own demons. He knows he messed up, but is powerless to stop his rage and addictions. A fistfight on the streets of the city lands him in jail and forces him to face the possibility of a future behind bars.

Karen knows holding onto her bitterness won’t repair her marriage. But how do you forgive someone when you don’t feel like it? As she searches for the answer, she uncovers the family secret that threatens to tear them all apart.

Can she find her way back to the place Where Hope Starts.


In a city full of dreams…

Wow! I stayed up past 1am to finish Where Hope Starts!

Karen Marino isn’t happy… first her husband Barry shows up at her job – drunk and angry, then her new boss fires her – without warning or cause. On top of that, her estranged father sends her a plane ticket with a note that simply says, “Come home.”

Karen heads home… where she discovers more problems – and more support from unexpected sources – than she could have anticipated. In the meantime, Barry goes from bad – to worse! When he lands in jail, an unlikely ally comes to his aid.

If I were introduced to Karen and Barry, I would not be too surprised – after all, I know them pretty well by now. Seriously, I wouldn’t be shocked to find them as real people – with real problems. That’s exactly the way they seem to me now. The story is just this real.


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I’d love the chance to meet Karen, Elinor, and Megan – but there’s one in particular I’d rather never, ever meet!

And this inn – the Applewood Hill Bed and Breakfast – it sounds like a wonderful place to spend time… maybe a few weeks there and my stress level would bottom out. I adore wrap-around porches, so you’d find me on the porch swing whenever I had a few spare minutes, just swinging slowly, a slight breeze gently tickling my neck.

OK! I’m sure this time I’ve said way too much… so before I give away any more of the story, I’d better stop talking about what is happening.

I’m in awe of the amazing story Angela tells in Where Hope Starts – I sort of fought against it at first, probably because I could see where it was going, but it was SO MUCH BETTER than I could have imagined!

This was a story that needed to be told. And I was excited to hear that there are two more stories in this series… and I can’t wait to continue reading!

Hurry, Angela – I have NO patience and I want to read book two!



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