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   Life at Applewood Hill…

I’m featuring Angela D. Meyer on my bookblog this month, along with several Debut Authors…

is doing something amazing… and wonderful… 

In the quarterly newsletters that she sends out, Angela often includes a short story about some of the characters from Where Hope Starts, the first book in the intriguing, wonderful Life At Applewood Hill series.

Please stay with me as I post a mini review for each short story…

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        MY THOUGHTS:

Turnaround is the very first short story — chronologically — in the series.


Turnaround shares the earlier story of Karen’s parents… Charles and Annibel — but primarily focuses on Charles.

Charles is a very angry, frustrated and violent man. He sees the mistakes in others, but he can’t see his own faults and he refuses to even try.

When a still, small voice speaks to him, he ignores it – as he’s done many times in the past.

When another man makes an offhand comment, Charles finally sees himself as he really is… and listens to that still, small voice.



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Returning Home is the second short story — chronologically — in the series.


Returning Home continues with the theme of the first short story. This story focuses on what happens after Annibel, Karen’s mother, leaves home — determined to make it on her own.

Annibel is also hearing the still, small voice…

She desperately wants to go home — especially to be with her children — but she just can’t.

When she finds warmth — and solace — in a nearby church, she learns how easy it is to forgive, once she accepts the truth that God had already forgiven her for her sins.

In just a few months, she receives a letter from home… with a plane ticket!



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Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 8.02.28 PM

The Gift
 is the third story — chronologically — in the series… and is truly a special “gift” — just for Christmas!


The Gift focuses on Karen and Barry, just after they buy the Applewood Hill Bed and Breakfast.

This year Karen is looking forward to a special Christmas with Barry… with no guests and the staff given time off to spend with their families, she and Barry will enjoy a quiet, just-the-two-of-them holiday.

… until lots of unexpected travelers show up.

Amidst the grumbling and complaining, Karen and Barry — and their guests — learn what Christmas is all about.



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Angela D Meyer - When Dreams Come True - An Applewood Hill Short Story


When Dreams Come True is the fourth short story — chronologically — in the series.


When Dreams Come True focuses on the last unexpected guests in The Gift — Isabella and her three children.

In The Gift, the guests at the Applewood Hill Bed and Breakfast had done whatever they could to give Isabella and her children the best Christmas they had ever experienced!

Because of their generosity, Isabella and the children were able to return to her mother’s home in Florida. Another gift was an all expenses paid trip to Disney World!





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Angela D Meyer - He Loves me Not - He Loves me - An Applewood Hill Short Story


He Loves Me Not is the fifth short story — chronologically — in the series.


He Loves Me Not focuses on James, the manager of the Applewood Hill Bed and Breakfast, and a couple of new guests.

While Barry and Karen are on vacation, a mysterious young couple shows up — without reservations — or money to pay!

James gives the young couple — Peter and Karie — one of the best room, free of charge.

When the girls’ father shows up, demanding she leave with him, threats are made and it seems as if there’s no hope.

What happens next shows everyone — especially Peter and Karie — that God is indeed watching out for them.



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“Our choices impact our family. But forgiveness makes a way for the effects of bad choices to be overcome.” ~ Angela D. Meyer


If you want to read more, check out Where Hope Starts, the first book in the Applewood Hill series.

… or join Karen on her blog — Life at Applewood Hill

… and you can read more reviews and more about these stories on Angela’s Website

God bless you!


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  1. Deanne Patterson (@cnnamongirl) January 17, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    The Life At Applewood Hill series really sounds great. I would really love to have a chance to read them all starting with Where Hope Starts. The covers on all of them are gorgeous as well.


  2. Deanna S January 18, 2015 at 9:44 am

    Enjoyed reading about your other books. Looks like my reading list just got bigger.
    don’t enter me win Where Hope Starts I am blessed already with a copy 🙂


    • DJ Mynatt January 18, 2015 at 10:32 am

      Ok. Thanks for posting a comment.


  3. Angela D. Meyer (@AngelaDMeyer) January 19, 2015 at 9:09 am

    DJ, Thank you so much for sharing about my books and short stories. And hello to all you readers stopping by. Be sure and say hello to me over on my blog or at one of my social media sites – tell me DJ sent you 🙂 If you want to read more short stories, sign up for my newsletter. If you want to read these short stories that DJ reviewed, let me know and I’ll provide links. Have a blessed day!


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