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Today I’m reviewing Never Far From Home, the second book in the Miller Family series by Mary Ellis.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Fifteen-year-old Emma Miller finishes school, starts her own wool business, and is longing for someone to court.

When the object of her affection is a handsome English sheep farmer, with a fast truck and modern methods, her deacon father, Simon, knows he has more than the farm alliance to worry about.

Emma isn’t the only one with longings in Holmes County.

Her aunt Hannah wants a baby and her uncle Seth hopes he’ll reap financial rewards when he takes a risk with his harvest. But are these the dreams God has for this Amish family?

With engaging interactions and thoughtful characters, Ellis weaves a story about waiting for God’s timing and discovering that the dreams planted close to home can grow a lasting harvest of hope and love.


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Wow! What a story!

I have read dozens of Amish novels, but I love surprises — and this story definitely has some unique qualities about it…

For example, Seth seems like an ordinary Amish widower when we meet him in A Widow’s Hope, but in Never Far From Home, we get a totally different idea of who he is — and how his life seems to be changing, since his marriage to Hannah.

Yes, he’s following the Ordnung rules — and one of these rules speaks of living within your means and not planting more than your family and community needs — yet Seth is determined to sell off livestock and deplete their savings (much of which came from the sale of Hannah’s previous home) to lease acreage and plant corn — in the hopes that his crop will yield a huge profit.

Of course, he’s not wanting to “get rich quick” like most of us would be thinking about; he’s wanting to help fill the now-depleted community medical fund. Yet he’s taking chances that are causing troubles with his wife — and his brother. Thankfully, he begins to listen to his wife – and his brother — and when trouble comes, he’s ready to face it, with his wife’s love and support.

And Emma… who doesn’t listen to the wise counsel of her family — and gets involved with an Englischer!

Mary Ellis writes about such wonderful families — not just their joys and the good times – but the problems, trials, setbacks — all the makings of real life.

Join me in reading about Hannah and Seth, Julia and Simon, all the children… you can pick up Never Far From Home and catch up easily — or go back and read A Widow’s Hope if you haven’t had a chance yet.

One word of advice… you might need a few tissues before you’re done.

Now I’m ready to move ahead… with The Way to a Man’s Heart — and it’s time to lose myself in Holmes County, Ohio… again.


A story about waiting on God for his perfect timing – Never Far From Home by Mary Ellis
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