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Today I’m reviewing The Way To A Man’s Heart, the third book in the Miller Family series by Mary Ellis.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Leah Miller is living her dream come true as she invests in a newly restored diner that caters to locals rather than tourists.

Can Jonah Byler convince this shy, quiet young woman that she should leave her adoring fans and cook only for him?

Leah’s sister, Emma, is trying to adapt to married life as New Order Amish along with her husband, James, who gave up his Englischer ways to make Emma his bride.

Will his commitment to Emma and to God stand firm when temptations from his past come to call?

Ellis offers readers another captivating novel filled with strong characters and a loving look at how faith in God and connection with family can fill to overflowing an open, waiting heart.

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Yes! It just keeps getting better and better!

I don’t know how Mary Ellis writes such true-to-life Amish fiction, but she does a superb job!

The characters in this series aren’t just centering on romance — or young love. Indeed, I have cried along with Julia, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. When she finally couldn’t handle the increasing pain, she and Simon knew they could count on their children to handle things at home, while she underwent surgery and rehabilitation.

Simon, Julia’s husband, has been prominent in each book, not only as a deacon in the community, but as a husband coping with his wife’s debilitating disease, and a father advising his children when they’ve come to him with their troubles.

I don’t know if it’s harder being the child of a deacon or bishop, but it makes sense that everyone in the community would be watching to see how the elders in the church are teaching their own children. When Emma falls in love with an Englischer, Simon isn’t pleased. Read Never Far From Home for Emma’s story…

Nor is he happy when Leah, his youngest daughter, receives a subpoena to appear in district court to answer charges for the crime of tax fraud. It seems that Leah has let pride and vanity into her life, allowing her to make some very bad decisions. Now all her savings is gone and her name — and even her reputation — may be ruined.

I loved reading about Julia and Simon’s sons, Matt and Henry, and how they continue to seek their father’s guidance, while behaving in a grown-up manner and taking responsibility for their lives.

I’m not going to say much more about this story… you can read The Way to a Man’s Heart and enjoy the story without reading the others, but there’s so much more depth if you take time to read this series in order.

Join me in reading about Julia and Simon, Hannah and Seth, and their children… as well as many characters from their community and the surrounding area.

Now I’m on to book 4… An Amish Family Reunion — it’s time to lose myself in Holmes County, Ohio… one last time.

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