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Today I’m reviewing Miracle at The Higher Grounds Cafe by Max Lucado.

Here’s a brief synopsis from Thomas Nelson:

What if you could ask God anything? What would you ask? And how would he answer?

Chelsea Chambers is on her own.

After a public split from her NFL superstar husband, Chelsea takes a bold step out of the limelight and behind the counter of the Higher Grounds Café, an old-fashioned coffee shop in dire need of reinvention.

But when her courage, expert planning, and out-of-this-world cupcakes fail to pay the bills, this newly single mom finds herself desperate for help.

Better yet, a miracle.

Then a curious stranger lands at Chelsea’s door, and with him, an even curiouser string of events. Soon, customers are flocking to the Higher Grounds Café, and not just for the cupcakes and cappuccino.

They’ve come for the internet connection to the divine. Now the café has become the go-to place for people in search of answers to life’s biggest questions.

When a catastrophe strikes and her ex comes calling, Chelsea begins to wonder if the whole universe is conspiring against her quest to make it on her own.

After a shocking discovery opens her eyes to the unseen world around her, Chelsea finds the courage to ask, and heaven answers in a most unexpected way.


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My thoughts:

Many people think God’s miraculous power was only experienced in Biblical times… or in a fictional story. But I know this isn’t true, because I’ve witnessed HIS miraculous power — in my life, in my mother’s life, in my family’s life.

I’ve witnessed them.

I’ve watched them change lives and heal people… not just of sickness, but of broken hearts and spirits. Clearly Max Lucado has also experienced God’s miraculous power!

What if you could ask God anything? What would you ask? And how would he answer?

Do you know? I don’t… I ask God to do His Will in my life. I’ve made countless mistakes over the years and I don’t want to ask for the wrong thing — I want God’s best for me — and my family.

Mr. Lucado writes an amazing fiction story; one that you won’t soon forget. This wonderful story is all about love, forgiveness, and coffee. Keep a box of tissues close by while reading.

Miracle at The Higher Grounds Cafe is exactly what the cover says… “A Heavenly Novel”! WONDERFUL!


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Miracle Higher Grounds Cafe Max Lucado

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I was blessed to receive this book free in exchange for an honest review!

God bless you!

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