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Today I’m reviewing A Marriage For Meghan, the second book in the Wayne County series, by Mary Ellis.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Meghan Yost is 19, bright, and eager to prove to her father, the bishop, that she’s mature enough to teach in the Old Order district.

But just when Meghan gains confidence and assurance, a troubled student challenges her authority and a male suitor challenges her patience.

Life and love tensions escalate when a string of crimes threaten the Amish community, and handsome FBI agent Thomas Mast arrives to investigate.

Is there truth behind Meghan’s fear that she’s the cause for disruptions in the serene county? And is there true love behind her mixed feelings for Thomas, the outsider?

This is a timeless story of personal quests for hope, love, and enduring faith.


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Meghan Yost!

Honestly, I didn’t know whether to hug her… or smack her!

One minute she’s complaining that no one treats her like an adult… and the next minute she’s whining and fussing — acting just like a child. It’s a wonder that Jacob Schultz loves her as much as he does, but what does she do but go and do her best to drive him away!

Oh my stars!

Then, just as she begins teaching at the school, strange things happen in the community; things that can’t be ignored. At first it looks like mischief caused by a few rowdy boys; but soon it gets out of control… the sheriff is called, but when the FBI gets involved, an agent is sent to check it out.

Thomas Mast, the FBI agent, finds an unlikely friendship — and more than a little help, in none other than Meghan Yost. And that’s just one more thing her dat has to worry about, in addition to the possible hate crimes happening in his community.

…Mary Ellis writes an amazing story, with bigger-than-life characters!

You won’t want to miss this exciting sequel to Abigail’s New Hope. I highly recommend this series — matter of fact, I highly recommend all the books I’ve read so far by this talented, delightful author.


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  1. Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson March 11, 2015 at 11:30 pm

    Hello I’m wanting to enter week 2 of Mary Ellis give-away and the drawing should be the 13th . But, I don’t see any comments yet and this is the 11th. What’s happened? Hope I have a chance. This is March 11, 2015. Should be the second week.
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  2. Deanna S March 12, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    Love or smack?? I’m wanting to see which I’d decide on.. LOL


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