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Today I’m reviewing God Made You Special by Mike Berenstain.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

In this newest 8×8 softcover title in the Berenstain Bears Living Lights collection, the Bruins join the Bear family for a cookout and bring their cousin Tommy along.

It isn’t long before the cubs start up a game of baseball and Sister soon notices that Tommy doesn’t play like the rest of the group.

When Sister asks about Tommy, Mama takes the opportunity to talk to Sister about how God makes each of us unique in our own way.

And that we all have special gifts and talents to share with the folks around us.


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My thoughts:

This Bible verse says it all…

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”
~Matthew 5:8

My family has discovered that the Berenstain Bear stories are a great way of introducing – and encouraging – good character qualities. And in today’s world, good character qualities are unfortunately not the norm.

Even more exciting is the new series by Mike Berenstain.

As a Christian, I have a special appreciation for the Christian faith-based stories in the new Living Lights series.

God Made You Special shares how God sometimes brings special people into our lives and that even though they may look or act different, that we can love them and enjoy spending time with them. We shouldn’t expect them to be just like us, but accept them just the way they are.

Mike Berenstain does a tremendous job showing how “special people” can be a blessing to us all.


I was blessed to receive this book free in exchange for an honest review!

God bless you!
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  1. conniepsaunders March 21, 2015 at 11:45 am

    I also love the Christian values that all of the Berenstain Bears share in their books. We can never start too soon with our children and grandchildren!


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