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Today I am reviewing Over My Dead Body, the second book in the Father Frank Mystery series by James R. Callan.
Here is a brief synopsis:

A large corporation is seizing land by eminent domain. Syd Cranzler stands in its way, threatening a court battle.

After a heated meeting with the corporation representative, Syd is found dead from an overdose of heart medication. The police call it suicide. Case closed.

But Father Frank, Syd’s pastor, and Georgia Peitz, another member of his church, don’t believe Syd committed suicide and begin to look for clues to what really happened. Will this affect Georgia’s romantic interest in the lead detective?

When the priest is almost poisoned, they convince the police to investigate further. Immediately, Father Frank becomes the target of rumors and speculation he might have had something to do with Syd’s death.

The more clues Father Frank and Georgia uncover, the more danger they find themselves in. Can they find the real killer before they become victims?


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Oh my word! I was asked to read and review Over My Dead Body, but I had NO idea how entertaining this novel would be – I literally couldn’t put it down until I finished the last page!

James Callan does a superb job creating the characters for this series… they’re fun, interesting, and not at all predictable. I know you will enjoy getting to know them as much as I did. Father Frank, with a little help, is likable and a great friend, who puts his life — and his job — on the line more than once!

Over My Dead Body is the second book in the Father Frank Mysteries, so naturally the main character is Father Frank. But he has lots of help from members of his congregation and his community – Syd Cranzler, Georgia Peitz, Mike Oakley… just to name a few. And a few surprises guests, too!

With a few twists and turns, I was kept on my toes, trying to guess who the murderer was… until the end. I could say more about what happens, but I want to be sure to not reveal anything – no one likes spoilers – but I enjoyed the story so much, I can’t wait to go back and read Cleansed By Fire, the first book in the series.

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God bless you!

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