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Today I am reviewing Brian’s Choice, a prequel to the Plain and Simple Miracles series by Vannetta Chapman.

Brian’s Choice is an e-only short story prequel to the brand-new Plain and Simple Miracles series from popular author Vannetta Chapman… These stories of love and family and Amish community in Oklahoma tell of the miracles that can happen when lives are lived in service to God and to one another.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Brian Walker has it all — a trust fund, the job of his dreams, and a beautiful woman at his side. But all of that changes in one tragic moment.

One year later he finds himself in the small town of Cody’s Creek, Oklahoma, and eventually becomes a member of the Amish community located there.

Brian feels God’s hand directing his path, and he begins to hope that perhaps his past is behind him. However, nothing prepares him for the day his bishop asks him a question. His choice changes everything.

Plain and Simple Miracles… stories about the miracle of faith and our ability to forgive and be forgiven. Tweet this!


Brian Walker thought he had it all… but it only took a few moments — to lose it all.

After an almost-fatal accident, Brian chose to leave the life he had made for himself, and just “get away”. Once he passed through Oklahoma, he found himself in Cody’s Creek — and feeling that God was leading him, decided to stay.

Eventually, he joined the Amish community — and the church — and began a new life, leaving behind the modern conveniences he had grown up around.

The characters in Cody’s Creek are great; friendly, helpful, encouraging — and accepting of others. If this were a real place, I’d be making plans to visit soon.

Vannetta Chapman is a superb author — and she writes amazing Amish stories. This… this is an amazing story in itself; I can’t wait to read the next story in the series.

I love reading about miracles, so this series will be a real treat for me. I won’t give anything else in this story away, so I can only urge you to get a copy of Brian’s Choice… and begin this awesome series.

Brian Walker thought he had it all… but it only took a few moments — to lose it all. Tweet this!
God bless you!

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