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Today I am reviewing Force of Nature, the second book in the Stormswept series by Dana Mentink.

Here is a brief synopsis:


Pulled from the waves and gasping for air, the last person Antonia Verde expects to be her rescuer is Reuben Sandoval.

He may once have been the love of her life, but his drug-smuggling brother ruined their chance of happiness.

Now with a storm blowing in, Rueben’s island hotel is her only refuge.

Soon they find themselves trapped on the island with a killer in the midst of a dangerous hurricane.

Antonia’s life is in Rueben’s hands—can she trust him with her heart, as well?


In the first book of this series, ex-soldier Trey Black is reunited with Sage Harrington a journalist he met in Afghanistan when she was on assignment there. Although she suffers from PTSD, Sage is determined to find her missing cousin – Antonio Verde – and Trey is determined to protect Sage.

After the earthquake, Antonio travels to Florida, where she finds herself trapped on a nearby island with Reuben Sandoval, who was once the love of her life. Can she trust him with her life… or her heart?

danger… drugs… desperation…

Can you imagine the suspense you’ll find in Force Of Nature, the second story in Dana’s Stormswept series? This story features tropical storms, hurricanes and possibly a killer or two!

I don’t know if Dana Mentink has ever experienced a hurricane up close and personal, but she certainly knows how to write a suspenseful story about one!

For me, it seemed as if the characters changed sides from one moment to the next; and… I will say one thing… I’m deathly afraid of crocodiles. Antonio in the water – with crocodiles – kept my heart pounding and my eyes glued to the book!

Okay, that’s enough “telling” for me. I can’t say more, or I’ll end up giving away too much of it. This is a great story! … read it for yourself.

I’ll be back… with my review of the last Stormswept novel.

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