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Today I am reviewing Trouble At Leighton Hall, the second book in the KerryAnn Dawson Mysteries series by Sherry Chamblee.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Leighton Hall used to be the biggest private mansion in Laketown, but now as the college’s main building, it has its own secrets to keep.

Students are seeing strange things in the main building, things KerryAnne can’t stop from investigating. After all, running the college campus newsletter carries with it a certain responsibility. Her readers want to know what’s going on, and KerryAnne wants to be the one to tell them.

Investigating those spooky noises up in the dark hallways of the third floor of the main building is just part of the job, as well as chasing intruders across campus, of course.

Will KerryAnne and her friends find out what’s going on before someone gets hurt? To what lengths will someone go to keep KerryAnne quiet?

What are the secrets of Leighton Hall?


Sherry Chamblee loved reading mysteries when she was a young girl… Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden… she might have even sneaked and read The Hardy Boys! Sherry loved these mysteries so much, when she grew up, she decided to write her own mysteries… and thus was born KerryAnne Dawson Mysteries.

Trouble at Leighton Hall is a clean, cozy mystery. It’s a short novella, so it’s an quick, easy read. It’s written for a young adult audience (ages 11-16).

The main character, KerryAnne, is a Bible-college student and a reporter for the college newspaper. Trouble seems to follow her, but she doesn’t shy away from it – she dives in with both feet.

KerryAnne is a bit more headstrong than I like in a character, but perhaps her attitude will soften eventually. Tim, the editor of the newspaper, steps in as her protector at times – and does his best to make her laugh, although it’s not easy.

I think this could be a good beginning for a YA mystery series…

God bless you!


You can find more about Sherry and keep up with her on her website HERE.

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