Sam’s Adventurous Birthday | Samuel Miller


Today I am reviewing Sam’s Adventurous Birthday by Samuel Miller.


Here is a brief synopsis:

Twelve is a milestone birthday!

It deserves a BIG celebration!

Follow Sam as he visits Parrot Mountain, the Apple Barn Restaurant, the Titanic Museum and more…



Read the delightful tale SAM’S ADVENTUROUS BIRTHDAY — written by Samuel Miller for his 12th birthday! Tweet this!






Young Sam has a way with words…

It is clear that a child has indeed written this adventure.

But seeing it from his point of view should thrill other children. Sam is in a position to give a unique look at how wonderful – and adventurous – a birthday can be. It doesn’t seem like his family has gone out of their way to spend lots of money, or give him expensive gifts.

Instead, young Sam has asked to spend time with a much-beloved lady who is dear to him – and visit a special attraction. What his family does is wonderful indeed… not only does he get to visit Parrot Mountain, but another attraction nearby – the Titanic Museum.

After lunch at a favorite family restaurant – the Apple Barn – his family spends time with their friends in Knoxville.

Truly a remarkable young lad…


Samuel Miller has a talent for writing… don’t miss this young lad’s birthday adventures… Tweet this!



God bless you!

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One thought on “Sam’s Adventurous Birthday | Samuel Miller

  1. dana mentink September 6, 2015 at 9:40 am

    I want to hang out with Sam for my next birthday! He knows how to enjoy celebrations to the fullest! Great job, Sam!


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