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Today I am reviewing The Plain Choice
by Sherry Gore.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Raised in a broken family and emotionally overlooked, Sherry Gore grew up without a solid foundation, a prisoner of her own poor choices, and at times without hope. A series of terrible mistakes left her feeling wrecked and alone and a sudden tragedy threw Sherry into an emotional tailspin too powerful to escape.

Sherry hangs by a thread, unable to see how she can go on living, until it happens: on a morning of no particular significance, she walks into a church and BAM the truth of Jesus forgiving love shatters her world and cleaves her life in two: She goes to bed stunned; she wakes up a Christian.

Unwilling to return to the darkness of her former life, Sherry attacks her faith head on. Soon the life Sherry Gore remakes for herself and her children as she seeks to follow the teachings of the Bible features head coverings, simple dress, and a focus on Jesus Christ. Only then does she realize, in a fit of excitement, that there are others like her. They are called Amish and Mennonite, and she realizes she has found her people.

The plain choice that Sherry makes is not easy and life still brings unexpected pain and heartache – but it changes everything for her, as she becomes one of the few people on earth to have successfully joined the Amish from the outside.

She has found her place. And her story proves that one can return from the darkest depths to the purest light with the power of God.”


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“A True Story of Choosing to Live an Amish Life”

I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed that the book cover implies that Sherry Gore is living an Amish life — if there are Amish who are allowed to use laptops, own and drive vehicles, and pose for pictures, I have never met or seen them. I don’t believe Sherry became one of the few people on earth to have successfully joined the Amish from the outside. While I respect what Sherry and her family have done, the book cover doesn’t convey the same message that Sherry tries to share — that she is part of a progressive Amish-Mennonite community.

This is very different from an Amish community. But perhaps those responsible for publishing the book — and creating the cover — don’t understand the difference.

Those of us who have Amish friends knew all along that Sherry most likely didn’t belong to an Amish community. The Amish generally turn their backs to cameras or do not allow their pictures to be taken, and their clothing is made from solid colors — usually somber tones. The small print speaks more of Mennonite clothing. My friends are part of a very strict Amish community and I’ve only ever seen them wear brown or black clothing.

Back to Sherry’s story…

I love reading Amish fiction, so naturally, I thought I’d enjoy reading The Plain Choice. As a matter of fact, I did enjoy reading Sherry’s memoir about how she adopted a plain lifestyle for herself and her family. My family cannot afford to move to an Amish-Mennonite or Mennonite settlement at this time, but we have willingly adapted to a plainer lifestyle.

What I think we should all try to take from this is that Sherry has begun a much better life for herself and her children. Their lives have become much more plain and they are happy.

Sherry is sharing her journey of faith; a journey many of us have chosen. Everyone goes through hard times growing up, some harder than others. Marriage to the wrong person can be a nightmare. I believe marriage is forever, but I won’t fault someone for leaving an abusive situation — which is where Sherry found herself.

None of us ever stop making mistakes. All we can do is continue on our path, doing our best to make better decisions as we move forward. Sherry has moved to a community where she is happy and is sharing the gospel with others. God bless you, Sherry!


And God bless my wonderful readers!


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3 thoughts on “The Plain Choice | Sherry Gore

  1. Marilyn September 6, 2015 at 2:05 pm

    Donna, I’m like you in that all the Amish I know will not allow modern conveniences or their picture to be taken. I’m thankful Sherry has found peace through God after what sounds like a very traumatic life. Jesus is the answer for all of us! I practice a simpler life style than a lot of my friends. I have peace about living this way and I believe it’s what God wants me to do. As one hymn goes “take this whole world but give me Jesus”. Our salvation is the most important happening in our lives here on earth as all material things will pass away one day. We are living in troublesome times and God’s coming is drawing near. Thanks for this review as I have requested this book from our local library to read but on a waiting list. : )

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    • DJ Mynatt September 6, 2015 at 8:30 pm

      Thanks, Marilyn.


  2. Nancy Griggs September 6, 2015 at 6:58 pm

    Sure sounds more Mennonite than Amish to me. But I’d like to read it. Most of us could do with living a plainer life. Thanks fir your review.

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