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Today I am reviewing The Bishop’s Son, the 2nd book in the Amish of Bee County series by Kelly Irvin.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Two men offer Leila two very different futures. Will she choose with her heart or with her faith?

Leila Lantz has been in love with Jesse Glick from the day she first saw him at his father’s store, but she can’t make sense of his intentions. One day he wants to come courting, the next he seems to be putting distance between them.

Jesse may be the bishop’s son, but his faith has been wavering of late. If he is so unsure, is it fair to give Leila false hope for a future he doubts he can provide?

Then there’s Will, Jesse’s cousin. He has been trying to keep his feelings for Leila a secret, but he also knows Jesse is wrestling with his faith. Would declaring his feelings for Leila be in her best interest or simply serving his own selfish desires?

Leila knows she can choose Will and be secure in her own future. But when her heart speaks, it’s Jesse’s name she hears. When will God make His will known to her?

Could leaving everything she knows—even her own faith—be a part of God’s plan?



I would imagine that being the son of a bishop would be about as difficult as being the son of a preacher. I was the daughter of a preacher – and my dad took his role very seriously.

Jesse is the son of a bishop. But Jesse is sneaking around – and sneaking around usually means trouble!

Kelly Irvin writes a wonderful story! It’s much more complex than I expected it to be, yet it was very simple. Life is usually like that, too. But finally, you reach the point where decisions – tough decisions – have to be made. And lived with.

Leila has cared for Jesse for many years, but when he begins staying away from home, running with Englischers, she must make a choice – a decision – of what is best to do. Jesse’s cousin Will would like her to choose him – and be baptized. Will Jesse accept this? And will he stay or will he leave?

Great story! Great characters… Amish and Englisch both. I’m certain parts of this story was difficult for Kelly to write, but she did a fine job.

If you’re reading The Amish of Bee County series, you won’t want to miss this sequel…

The Bishop’s Son – book 2 in the Bee of Amish County series by Kelly Irvin! Tweet this!

God bless you!

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2 thoughts on “The Bishop’s Son | Kelly Irvin

  1. Pauline Osborne September 18, 2015 at 11:26 am

    I sure hope to read this series as this story sounds great..thanks for sharing.


  2. Marilyn September 18, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    This series sounds wonderful. Yes, being a son or daughter of a bishop would be similar to being a daughter or son of a preacher. My grandfather was a minister and mother still talks about things that happened because she was a preacher’s child. Blessings. Thank you for sharing so many great books to read.

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