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Today I am reviewing Out Of The Ashes, the 1st story in the Chicago Fire series by Sandi Rog.

Here is a brief synopsis:

A stranger. A kiss. A shotgun wedding.

NATHANIEL WARD, wealthy entrepreneur, needs a wife. But he’s not interested in the preening, high-society women who are offered to him on a silver platter.

He wants one woman, and one woman alone: the girl who gave him all the money in her reticule years ago when the Great Chicago Fire left him destitute. He sets out to find this woman and discovers she’s unattached.

There’s only one problem, a shotgun wedding may be able to bind them, but will he ever be able to win her heart?

AMELIA E. TAYLOR blows a kiss to a street rat. Little did she know, years later that kiss would follow her to Green Pines Colorado. When a handsome stranger arrives in her hometown, she guards her heart from the stirrings this man ignites.

Despite society’s disapproval of spinsterhood, she is determined not to marry, having witnessed first-hand the lack of love and horrors that accompany marriage.

But will a shotgun wedding reveal blessings that arise out of the ashes?


Let me just begin by saying, you should read this book!

Amelia Taylor – wow, what a rough life she has known, so far. A father who doesn’t provide for her, then forces her to marry a stranger. What could be worse?

Nathaniel Ward just happens to be the stranger that Amelie’s father forces her to wed. What can Nate do, when the man is aiming a shotgun at him?

Well, this story has a few expected events, but much of the time I was not expecting things to go as badly – or as well – as they did. And not once did I even put the book down – until I was finished. It was just that good!

Read it and you’ll see… you will most likely be angry at the harsh treatment Amelia is handed, but you’ll be wishing her the best after her “shotgun” wedding. The only thing that could have made this story any better… is more of the story! And I’m happy to say that we’ll get just that when the 2nd book is released.

Sandi Rog describes her story as a “light historical romance” – and that is a very apt description. I read very few historical novels… well, that’s not entirely true. I have a few favorite authors of historical fiction, such as Janette Oke, Rachel Muller and Grace Livingston Hill… and Sandi Rog.

(I never considered Ms. Hill as an historical author, but I’ve been told some would classify her books as historical. To me the difference being she wrote them in the present time… it just happened to be the early 1900’s.)

Welcome to my short list, Sandi… Out of the Ashes is an amazing story!

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You can find more about Sandi and keep up with her on her blog HERE.
And be sure to check out my interview with Sandi on my AUTHOR BLOG.

God bless you!

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5 thoughts on “Out Of The Ashes | Sandi Rog

  1. Pauline Osborne September 27, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    I would love to read this story by Sandi, it is just my kind of tale. thanks for sharing your thoughts…

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  2. sandirog September 27, 2015 at 5:54 pm

    Donna, thank you so much for your wonderful review of my book! And thank you, Pauline! I hope you get to read it!

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  3. Marilyn September 27, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    Donna, thanks for the review of Out of the Ashes. Your review has my mind intrigued so I will have to add this to my TBR list. I have and still read spirational historical fiction books when recommended or a new book from one of the authors I’ve read before. Out of the Ashes with the Great Chicgo Fire setting for the history will be interesting since I haven’t read any books from that setting. Blessings.

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  4. sandirog September 27, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    Marilyn, thank you! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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