Falling For Alaska | Shannon L. Brown


Today I am reviewing Falling For Alaska by Shannon L. Brown.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Will she fall for Alaska and make her dreams come true?

When Jemma Harris inherits a house from her great-aunt in Palmer, Alaska, she quits her tedious corporate job and catches the next plane out of Atlanta.

She intends to carry through with her plan to sell the furniture she flips—buys cheaply and rehabs—at large flea markets, then open a retail storefront.

The business should work just as well in Alaska, despite her difficult but gorgeous neighbor. Or will it?

Nathaniel Montgomery lives on the outskirts of small-town Palmer and enjoys working at home amid the peace and quiet.

When the new owner of the house across the street begins sawing and creating chaos, his life is turned upside down. His difficult childhood makes close relationships challenging—then a stray puppy begins to thaw his heart.

Is there room in Nathaniel’s heart for Jemma too?



When Jemma Harris moves to Alaska, she never dreams that the man who lives across the street will get upset about her new career! To be fair, she does make a fair amount of noise…

What will Nathaniel Montgomery do about it? Well, you’ll need to get a copy and read it to find out, but let me assure you, it’s exciting – and sometimes unexpected.

Shannon Brown creates wonderful characters – I could easily tumble into the story, which was great, since I love the idea of visiting Alaska. I really enjoyed reading about the scenery that Jemma and Nathaniel described on their trips. And the unique names of the places in Alaska made me want to visit them.

It’s a good story, with lots of action, and perhaps a bit of romance, too!

Order your copy today…


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God bless you!

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  1. Marilyn October 18, 2015 at 7:41 am

    Another book to read. Falling for Alaska sounds like a great story with all the description of the scenery that’s mentioned. Blessings to you Donna.

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