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Today I am reviewing The God of All Tomorrows by Donna Reimel Robinson.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Enjoy a heart-stopping adventure story combined with a sweet romance!

In 1934, Launi Fairfield goes to the jungles of Peru to translate the Bible into an Indian dialect. She thought missionary work would be exciting, but her days are taken up with the tedious translation project.

Miles Stone has been a missionary doctor for ten years. He’s a confirmed bachelor, not wanting to be saddled with a wife and children as he moves around to the different Peruvian tribes. He’s content with his life, until he meets Launi.

Together, they end up having more adventure than Launi ever bargained for. They battle snakes, jaguars, sickness, earthquakes, and an Indian chief who wants to add Launi to his harem. Will they trust God for all their tomorrows?


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In 1934, Launice Fairfield is not just an average young lady, seeking marriage and a family. Launi is fluent in many languages, which seem to come easy to her, and she wants more – she wants some excitement in her life. She wants to be independent – to travel and see the world.

Be careful what you wish for… you just may get it.

When Bernard Vaughn, a visiting missionary, speaks at their church, he asks the members to pray that a linguist can be found who could learn Quechua and translate the Bible for the hundreds of mountain villages in Peru.

By the time I had turned the first page, I was hooked! I have always wanted to travel – and rarely get the opportunity. I quickly identified with Launi, who yearned to travel to different places and see the world.

Miles Stone never expected to marry. After working as a missionary doctor for ten years, he’s content with his work. Then he meets Launi…

OK, no more about the story… if you want to know what happens, read it for yourself. It’s a wonderful, heart-warming, intriguing story. I really enjoyed it and know you will too… so get a copy and read it – today!


Enjoy a heart-stopping adventure story combined with a sweet romance! Tweet this!


God bless you!

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3 thoughts on “The God of All Tomorrows | Donna Reimel Robinson

  1. Ann Ellison October 17, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    I have read and loved this book.


  2. Marilyn October 17, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    I’m going to have to read “The God of All Tomorrows”. This sounds like a great adventure to read with a missionary trip involved. I’ve been on two mission trips. They both were a wonderful experience and we are so blessed here in America.

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    • DJ Mynatt October 17, 2015 at 8:44 pm

      Marilyn, it was truly wonderful. A blessing to read…


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