2015 Book Reviews… authors!




Today I want to recognize all the authors, whose books I’ve read and reviewed on my book blog this year… (these do not include books I’ve read for fun…)

And now… here are the authors!

Amanda Flower
Amy Clipston
Andie Mitchell
Angela D Meyer
Anita Higman
Anna Schmidt
Aynne Cynar
Benham Brothers
Beth K Vogt
Beth Wiseman
Betsy St Amant
Bill Garrison
Cathy Elliot
Charlotte Hubbard
Cheryl Wyatt
Cindy Kirk
Cindy Woodsmall
Colleen Coble
Corban Addison
Cynthia Ruchti
Dana Mentink
Deb DeArmond
Deborah M Piccurelli
Deborah Raney
Denise Hunter
Donna Reimel Robinson
Dorothy Love
Elizabeth Byler Younts
Emily Clark
Gina Welborn
Ginger Solomon
Gwen Miller
Hannah Alexander
Holly Michael
Irma Joubert
Jacqueline K Johnson
Jake Byrne
James R Callan
Jan Berenstain
JC Morrows
Jean C Gordon
Jeanna Young
Jennifer Beckstrand
Karen Witemeyer
Katherine Reay
Kathryn Springer
Kathy Ide
Katie Ganshert
Katiera Pfeister
KE Ganshert
Kelly Irvin
Kim Vogel Sawyer
Korie Robertson
Laura V Hilton
Lisa Harris
Martha Rogers
Mary Ellis
Max Lucado
Melanie Dickerson
Mike Berenstain
Mike Coville
Mindy Starns Clark
Nadine Brandes
Naomi King
Patrick E Craig
Rachael Carman
Rachel Hauck
Rachel Muller
Richard L Mabry
Rosemary Hines
Ruth Logan Herne
Ruth Reid
Samuel Miller
Sandi Rog
Sarah Ladd
Sarah Loudon Thomas
Sarah Price
Shannon L Brown
Shelley Gray
Shelley Shepard Gray
Sherry Chamblee
Sherry Gore
Tommy Nelson
Valerie Comer
Vannetta Chapman


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Happy Reading!!!



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