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Thank you for joining me for this very touching Author Spotlight!

First, a bit about Ruth…


Regardless of the season, I love visitors. Folks who love sweet books, gentle stories of hope, love and redemption set in small towns . . . and sometimes in big cities! I’m so glad you stopped by . . . grab a “cuppa” from the Keurig or I’ll make you a latte. Or maybe just a glass of sweet tea?  Set a spell, relax and let’s talk books, amazing heroes and spunky heroines with cute little kids, fun neighbors, sweet country churches and horses and dogs thrown in for good measure.

And the occasional adorable dwarf goat!

Look around. See what suits you. And always, always, always, it is my great pleasure to have you stop by.

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)


Readers can learn more about Ruth at or find her on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest and Goodreads.


An interview with Ruth Logan Herne . . . today on Donna’s BookShelf.Tweet this!


And here is my interview with Ruth:

1. You write contemporary and historical romance… do you write any other genres

Not at this time! I have a fun fantasy (think Lion, Witch and Wardrobe fun) that I started and haven’t had time to finish, but I love it! At this time, though, I love doing exactly what I’m doing: Writing sweet, delightful romances that show folks overcoming the seemingly ever-present obstacles life throws in our way! That can be daunting, but I love to show people their inner strengths, the power of their beliefs in God and in the amazing person he created when making them. So this is keeping me crazy busy and I’m having the time of my life!

2. Have you ever used a pen name? If  not, is this something you might do, perhaps for a different genre?

Ruth Logan Herne is a pen name. My real name isn’t a secret, it’s in most of my books. But when my mother was dying of cancer, she took my hand one day and said, “I know you’re serious about your writing. I know it means a lot to you. When you get published someday, will you use something of my name in your name? So people know you were mine?”

So I did. Her name was Mary Elizabeth Logan Herne and I took the Logan Herne from her. Herne was my maiden name.

3. Do you attend writers conferences and workshops? Do you attend workshops, teach workshops, or are you there for social benefits?

Oh, Donna, I’m so very bad!!! I love going and meeting people, I don’t attend classes, so now if I go to a conference, I just hang out in the lobby and write and chat with people. That’s my favorite way of attending! I have taught lots of writing classes in my time, and I love it, but I’m still working a day job and there are only so many hours in the day. It’s hard to get chosen for workshops at conferences, so now I focus on meeting readers/writers and friends!

4. You live in an historic farmhouse… and it’s beautiful. Can you tell us more about this choice?

Aw, thank you! It’s such a great old place, and we raised six kids here so we kind of hammered it! And like so many, we’ve had a few rough patches financially, so when my first writing contract came through, we bought two new toilets, LOL! That’s so funny to think of, but so very necessary! Then over the past five years we had the porches repaired, new roofs put on, a family room (there are 14 grandchildren now, so the family room got bumped up the list!) and of course some needed farm things for Dave and the boys. We’ll hang onto it for a while more because it’s a great place for kids and grandkids to come home to! And I love being on a farm.

5. You post often about “The Mighty Finn” who I think is one of your grandsons. What prompted this?

Finn is hysterical! He’s got his own persona, and we were laughing about it, and one day I just called him The Mighty Finn because his reactions to things are like a little old man in a tiny fellow’s body! And it caught on and now we’re just plain having fun with it and getting ready to publish a series of Mighty Finn stories for kids…. It’s just a delight to see things through a mix of his eyes and storytelling.

6. Can you name a few of your favorite writers?  Favorite books?

Gosh, there are two categories. First The Seekers…. The gals I turn to for everything, the ladies of Seekerville. Tina Radcliffe, Missy Tippens, Mary Connealy, Myra Johnson, Julie Lessman, Audra Harders, Glynna Kaye, Janet Dean, Sandra Leesmith, Pam Hillman, Cara Lynn James and Debby Giusti. I love their work, I love their devotion, I love them!

But before there were Seekers there were favorites, too! Lisa Wingate (Her Texas Cooking series is how I found her, delightful!!) Karen White (everything she writes, but my first experience was “Falling Home”, which I loved), Debra Smith (Sweet Hush, one of my favorite ABA books), Sara Donati (now uses her real name Rosina Lippi) (Into the Wilderness) Catherine Marshall’s “Christy”, Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women”, and so many others! I’ve always lost myself in books and I know you’re like that too!

You and I have a lot in common!

7. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Yes. Don’t quit. Don’t ever quit. Just write, write, write and when you’re done with one manuscript, start another. Or research one while working on another. Don’t let time slip away, there are no time guarantees on our clocks! Go for the gold, reach for the stars, and believe.

And never, ever, ever give up.


And now for a few favorites:

Favorite vacation spot – People go on vacations??? REALLY??????

Favorite color – Yellow. Which is probably why my house is yellow, that and because it’s such a neat, old-fashioned color!

Favorite food/drink – I am fully supportive of most foods and drinks, but coffee is at the top of the list. Blame being a New Yorker… or a deep need for legally addictive beverages! Food… too many to list, but I love simple foods. I’m a simple person, and if I picked one thing it would be chocolate!!!!!

Favorite time of year – Fall, winter and spring. I’m not a summer person, although I love to work outside… but I prefer sweater weather to heat and humidity. I get kind of SNIPPY when it’s hot out, shame on me!

Favorite hobbies – Writing.

Favorite holiday – Easter. We haven’t messed it up yet, and I love the grace and peace that follows such a tragic day as Good Friday. So much room for rebirth and joy!

Favorite dessert – Pie. I’m a pie person. I eat like any dessert that is not nailed down, but I love making and eating and developing pies!!!! Pies rock!!!!
Donna, thank you so much for this, and for all you do to promote authors, Christian fiction and the joy of reading! You’re amazing!

Thanks, Ruthy!

And THANK YOU for joining me for this very special AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT!

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Interview © 2015 DJ Mynatt


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8 thoughts on “Ruth Logan Herne – Author Spotlight

  1. Marilyn R December 31, 2015 at 8:22 am

    Thank you for the interview with Ruth Logan Herne. It’s always nice to read about authors. I love Ruth’s books. Blessings to both of you! May 2016 be filled with all of God’s wonderful blessings.

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  2. anemulligan December 31, 2015 at 9:27 am

    I loved getting to know Ruth a bit better. Seekerville is a great blog! Thanks, DJ!

    Liked by 1 person

    • DJ Mynatt December 31, 2015 at 10:58 am

      You’re most welcome!


  3. Gail Estes Hollingsworth December 31, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    I love the humor she puts in her books. And The Mighty Finn….reminded me of a song popular when I was young, The Mighty Quinn.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. seekerruthyherne January 1, 2016 at 4:05 am

    Good morning ladies, and happy New Year!!! What a crazy fun month it’s been here… even though in my head I try to keep Christmas “simple”, simple still means family parties (that means cleaning, at least a little!) baking parties with the kids (most fun ever!!!) bell-ringing for the Salvation Army (I got food baskets as a child, I know the hand of help first-hand) and lovely church services and normal life, December always manages to sweep by… but what a joyous time, we had all of our kids (six of them plus spouses for four of them) and 14 grandkids and the daughter I kind of borrowed from my sister (sharing is important) and her wonderful husband…. We are so very blessed. We’ve weathered complications from a fall birth and the surprise of a rare disease that landed one granddaughter in the hospital for days… and sent a lot of prayers on her behalf… All is well now, but over the holiday season I’ve seen grace, love and tragedy befall many.

    Our time is not our own. Use every moment God gives you to make the world, even our corners of it, a more joyous place. Those smiles, hugs and humor are a light unto the world!

    Bless you! Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting Christian fiction, thank you for loving cowboys and cops and humor and little kids and babies and dogs and dwarf goats and heroines who have a mind of their own!

    Mostly thank you for being you.


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    • DJ Mynatt January 1, 2016 at 10:50 am

      …and THANK YOU, RUTHY, for your wonderful books… and for being YOU!


  5. Trixi January 1, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    What a great interview RUTHY!!!! You’re just as funny outside of Seekerville as you are inside & I LOVE your big personality! What a sweet story about your mother and taking part of her name to use as your pen name. That made me smile 🙂
    Thanks Donna for featuring Ruth this month, it’s been so fun to get to know her! Happy New Year to you and yours, heres to a blessed 2016!

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