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Today I am reviewing Gabriel’s Bride, the third and final book in the Clover Ridge series by Amy Lillard.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Rachel Yoder has two choices: marry Gabriel Fisher or move to Ohio. As an orphan, Rachel doesn’t have much to offer; any match she can make will be a good one.

She just didn’t plan on Gabriel with his big hands and permanent frown.

As a widower Gabriel needs help caring for the farm and his six children. But he never thought he’d marry a slip of a girl who barely reaches his chin.

Yet as time passes, Gabriel finds himself thinking about a real marriage. They have spoken vows to God and each other, but can he risk his heart with Rachel?



When Rachel Yoder loses her home, she learns that she’s expected to move to Ohio, to care for distant family. When Gabriel Fisher’s youngest son quickly grows attached to Rachel, Gabriel and Rachel decide to marry, for the sake of his children.

But what happens when they begin to have feelings for one another?

Amy Lillard handles this particular situation well, as Gabriel and Rachel try to ignore their feelings, and stay true to their vows — and their commitment to each other.

Don’t miss this exciting series, found in the wonderful (fictional) community of Clover Ridge.

Happy Reading!!!

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God bless you!

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  1. Mari March 11, 2016 at 11:23 am

    I need to find some time to read this series. : ) God Bless.

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