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Today I am reviewing Pocket Prayers for Military Life  by Max Lucado and Mark Mynheir.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Daily life for those in the military and their loved ones at home can be filled with rapid change, fear, and uncertainty.

For those bravely sacrificing for our country, bestselling author, Max Lucado, offers words of hope, pointing them to the Source of faith and courage.

Pocket Prayers for the Military contains forty scriptures and guided prayers that will help readers face the unique challenges of military life with courage and faith.



Max Lucado writes with humor, compassion, and respect. He speaks of the Bible, the disciples and how they asked Jesus to teach them to pray.

Then Max, with the help of Mark Mynheir, has chosen 40 Bible passages, and written out 40 specific prayers — especially for those who have chosen a military life.

After reading through the prayers and writing my review, I placed this book on my shelf — waiting to see who the Lord wants me to present it to. And there it will stay, until the right person appears.

When I do, I hope these prayers are as special to them — as they are to me.

Happy Reading!

God Bless You!

Review © 2016 DJ Mynatt

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  1. carylkane April 30, 2016 at 11:40 am

    Great review, Donna! 🙂

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