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Today I am reviewing A Cunning Masquerade, the 3rd story in the intriguing Order of the MoonStone series by JC Morrows.

Here is a brief synopsis:

When a reluctant assassin returns to the palace and receives a less than warm welcome, she is certain her opportunity has passed to fulfill her mission.

Or has it . . . ?

When a young prince makes the decision to ignore a certain young lady with red hair and a fiery temper to match, will he seal his fate?

Or will a moonlit ball, and a special dress bring the two of them together again — with life . . . not death . . . in mind?


“The Order of the MoonStone series has the potential, if played right, of being a fan favorite.” ~ Nicole L Rivera, author of Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter 


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A Cunning Masquerade is a wonderful addition to A Reluctant Assassin . . . and the Order of the Moonstone series.

In this short story, we get more of a glimpse at what happened in A Reluctant Assassin (book one) when Kayden returned to the palace . . . after being ordered to “return home” for a visit.

After Kayden returns to the palace, she receives a less-than-warm welcome by the Prince, leading her to believe that he’s no longer interested in her… well, duh! He’s been waiting for her, then he gives her the “cold shoulder” up on her return — what is wrong with the man (ahem, Prince).

Oh, my!

JC – you sure know how to stir things up! I loved all the excitement with Lady Catarine and Kayden, but I’m hoping some day you’ll add this story to book one. It really adds a punch to the part in book one when Kayden returns to the palace. I think it would be really cool to include it (if possible).

This is the perfect way to give your readers more of what was going on just before Kayden decided . . . well, I suppose I can’t say what Kayden decided – or I might ruin the story for anyone who hasn’t yet read (or finished reading) A Reluctant Assassin.

JC Morrows is such a talented writer . . . who else loves her readers so much that she would write a short story of things happening in a book that’s already been released!

I can’t wait to read more of Kayden’s story! In my last review for JC, I’ll have just a hint or two or what happens to Kayden in A Treacherous Decision. Stay with me… I’ll be back tomorrow.



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A Cunning Masquerade is a wonderful addition to the Order of the MoonStone series by JC Morrows – Tweet this!


God bless you!

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2 thoughts on “A Cunning Masquerade | JC Morrows Marathon

  1. Mari May 13, 2016 at 8:22 am

    A Cunning Masquerade was a great addition to A Reluctant Assassin. Readers will enjoy reading JC Morrows books.

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  2. carylkane May 13, 2016 at 8:50 am

    Great review Donna! I’m looking forward to reading this series! 🙂

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