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And now, introducing…  

     JC Morrows!

JC Morrows is a new, inspirational-romance-speculative fiction author.  She has released six stories from the Order of the MoonStone series . . .

Below is a list of the books (in correct order):

A Perilous Assignment (short story)
A Reluctant Assassin (book one)
A Cunning Masquerade (short story)
A Treacherous Decision (book two)
A Dangerous Love (short story)
A Desperate Escape (book three)
A Covert Alliance (short story releasing June 21, 2016)
A Tragic Consequence (book four releasing October 2016)

She is a home-schooling, skirt-wearing, coffee-drinking, blogging mother of two and part-time designer for the publisher of her own books — S&G Publishing.

As a young girl she often told stories to her stuffed animals and her own make-believe friends, she never met a stranger until some time in high school, and her mother often joked that she would start up a conversation with a brick wall — if she thought it would talk back to her…

She thought it was perfectly normal to hear the voices of characters in her head, to see otherworldly visions all around her, to live in her own story worlds during quiet times… and sad times — but then she grew up and the world told her to put away those “childish things” so she got a job and learned how to be an adult.

But GOD had a plan for her and the stories never really stopped… they lay dormant for a time — waiting until she was ready to hear them again.

Now she happily spends most of her time living in a fantasy world of her own making. She regales those around her with tales of aliens and villains, epic wars and war-torn kingdoms struggling to rebuild — and whenever possible, she gets those stories down on paper (or on her computer at least) so that one day… she can share them with you as well.

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JC, your fans are wanting to know more about you… so it’s time for a few questions…


1) JC, my readers are very excited about the Order of the MoonStone series. We hear great things about the newest short story coming out in June. How many other stories can we expect in the series? Can you tell us anything about them?

Book four in the series releases in October of this year and there will be at least one more full-length book after that. At the moment, I’m not really sure about short stories. My publisher and I have tossed around some ideas, but nothing is scheduled at the moment

2) How do you come up with such fantastical stories?

Honestly I don’t know. God has blessed me with a gift for storytelling… they just come to me.

3) Do you have any problems making dystopian / speculative / fantasy / steam theme stories “inspirational” stories?

Sometimes, yes. At their heart, true dystopian stories often have little or no hope, but weaving God’s message of Love and Salvation into each story helps infuse it with hope for a better future – on this side or the other…

4) Then why do so many authors feel that they have to put bad language, bad habits, and bad situations in their books?

I have my own opinions about that – and they’re mostly negative so I won’t go into detail. What I will say is this – even among mainstream authors, there is a consensus that a story does not need profanity or inappropriate sexual relations to be a good, well-written, entertaining story.

5) Have you written other stories? other series? What can your readers expect from you after the Order of the MoonStone is finished?

Oh… SO MANY! In November of this year, I am set to release the first in a new series. We’re not sure yet whether it will be a duology or a trilogy, but there will definitely be more than the one book: Life After E.L.E.

I am also in the middle of rewriting my alien abduction series and hope to release it in late 2017 or early 2018.

6) I know you’ve been asked this before, but for those who don’t know . . .please allow me to ask again. “JC Morrows” – is that your real name, or a PEN name? If it’s a pen name, what is your reason for not using your real name?

It’s my pen name. The reason is simple… my real name just doesn’t sound like a speculative author. “JC Morrows” does.

7) Can you share a few things from your “bucket list”?

Yes! I have always wanted to travel to the Emerald Isle – explore the land of my heritage. That’s at the top of my list… ALWAYS! At the moment, my biggest wish is to get my kiddos out of our tiny apartment and into a house with a real yard where they can run and climb and just be kids – for the few years left they’ll actually want to do those things.


Now for a few fun facts…

Favorite vacation spot – Myrtle Beach
Favorite color – Purple
Favorite food/drink – COFFEE
Favorite time of year – Winter!
Favorite hobbies – Reading, playing board games with the fam!
Favorite holiday – CHRISTmas!
Favorite dessert – Anything chocolate!


Thank you, JC… and God bless you!



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