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Today I am reviewing Mandy and the Mayor, the 3rd novel in the Upstate NY series by Jean C. Gordon.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Whitmore Mills, a sleepy village in the Adirondack Mountains, is the last place Mandy Harris would choose to spend her summer.

She far prefers city life. But the village needs a director for its summer recreation program, and the deal is too good to pass up.

The compensation includes a grant to payoff her student loans, and the experience will look great on her teaching resume. The only difficult part is her boss, Mayor Whitmore.

Thaddeus Whitmore is intent on vindicating his family name and returning property to his dying hometown.

His father plunged the community into economic decline when he closed the family lumber mill to meet the divorce demands of his “trophy” wife. Thad’s remedy is to turn the old mill buildings into a highclass resort. He has studiously planned for every imaginable obstacle except the arrival of Mandy Harris.

While Thad’s great Aunt Aggie plays matchmaker, Mandy and Thad clash on everything, from her hiring, to her recreation programs, to his resort plans. More than a few sparks fly in the process. But are they enough to burn through Mandy and Thad’s differences and ignite the flame of everlasting love?


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Mandy and the Mayor is a terrific story!

It’s a fun story to read — and I quickly got involved with the characters.

When Mandy Harris gets stranded in the small town of Whitmore Mills, she’s trying valiantly to stay out of jail… but soon everything works out and she is offered a summer job as director of the summer recreation program.

Thaddeus Whitmore is determined to keep from making the same mistakes as his dad. When he decides to stay away from Mandy, he finds out quickly that it’s more difficult than he expected it to be.

You’ll meet many colorful characters in the pages of this story — and some of them will most likely remind you of people in your own life. But keep reading! It just keeps getting better and better!

I can’t reveal much; if I do, I could spoil it for you. Download a copy today — and get started reading it.

Happy Reading!


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3 thoughts on “Mandy and the Mayor | Jean C. Gordon Marathon

  1. Princess July 15, 2016 at 11:06 am

    Always nice to read a book with strong characters who are determined to make major changes in their life instead of continuing on a path older members traveled. Thank you for an enthralling review so readers will add this book to their TBR list.

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  2. Trixi July 15, 2016 at 10:43 pm

    I love depth of characters in a book, like I’m really involved in their lives! That’s the best part of a story to me! Thanks for the wonderful reviews Donna 🙂

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    • DJ Mynatt July 19, 2016 at 9:46 am

      You’re welcome, Trixi.


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