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Avalon Romances by Jean C. Gordon . . .

Candy Kisses

Here is a brief synopsis:

Candy Price is tired.

Tired of her three older brothers talking her into blind dates with their friends; tired of living in Albany, New York; and tired of her overbearing boss.

She’d love to break away and quit her job as a media assistant for a gubernatorial candidate.

But that would only validate her brothers’ view that she’s flighty.

As a diversion, she decides to help her landlord — witty, gorgeous Mike Wheeler — find a new woman.

Mike has a diversion of his own in mind: convincing Candy that there’s more to life than out-succeeding her brothers. And if something develops between them, well, he certainly won’t fight it.

The result? A contest to find the perfect kiss.

The rules? Points per kiss are paid in candy kisses. And winner takes all as Candy and Mike begin to fall for each other in this sweet game of love.


Mara’s Move

Here is a brief synopsis:

Mara Riley is out to prove she can make it on her own and to disprove her mother’s contention that the only way to security — and therefore happiness — is to marry a successful doctor or lawyer.

But with her job as an activity director at a North Carolina mountain resort on shaky ground and her penchant for choosing all the wrong men, Mara’s not scoring high in the pursuit of either security or happiness.

Alex Price is on the rebound from a broken engagement. Who would have guessed his social-climbing fiancee would drop him, a successful lawyer with his own practice — okay, a successful practice with his two overbearing older brothers — for a back-to-nature forest ranger?

When these childhood adversaries meet on the “honeymoon” cruise Alex is now taking alone, they make a pact to help each other ward off unwanted attention from fellow shipmates–a pact that sends them sailing into uncharted waters.



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