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Today I am reviewing Her Unexpected Family, the 2nd book in the Grace Haven series by Ruth Logan Herne.

Here is a brief synopsis:

A Family to Love

Emily Gallagher and Grant McCarthy are planning a wedding together—just not their own.

Emily’s well-structured life is turned upside-down when her company is hired to help Grant put together his deployed sister’s nuptials.

Because as Emily spends more time with Grant and his adorable twins, she can’t help but daydream about being at the altar herself.

But Emily’s ex-beauty-queen status brings Grant memories of his children’s appearance-obsessed mother—a woman who walked out on their family.

For a future with Emily, can Grant escape the confines of his painful past? If he can, the next wedding they plan could be their own…


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Emily Gallagher just wants a family to love . . .

Grant McCarthy plans a wedding with Emily — but it’s not their wedding. But when Emily spends time with Grant — and his two adorable twins, it just creates more desire for a family of her own.

I’m going to stop here — to tell you that this story touched my heart more than any other that I’ve read in quite some time. As a matter of fact, I had to grab some tissues when I began writing this review, so trust me — you’ll need to grab the box of tissues when you read this story.

It’s absolutely incredible!

If I could, I would give this book 10 stars! It’s just the “best of the best” — and it shows how people can change, and grow, especially when they trust God.

This story also takes place in that wonderful, small town of Grace Haven — the one that’s safe, beautiful, historic, inviting . . . and friendly. Please let me encourage you to read this amazing story . . . pick up a copy and start reading. And don’t put it down until you’re finished!

Ruth Logan Herne always amazes me with her wonderful stories . . . and I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the same way once you’ve read them. Don’t wait another minute — get copies of this series and read them for yourself.

Happy Reading!!!


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  1. Marilyn August 12, 2016 at 4:06 pm

    I loved reading Her Unexpected Family. I couldn’t stop until I was finished.

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