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Today I am reviewing The Berenstain Bears Bedtime Devotional, a Living Lights faith-based story, by Mike Berenstain.

Here is a brief synopsis:

The Berenstain Bears Bedtime Devotional is perfect for little cubs settling down for a good night’s sleep. Including a devotion for each day with a reflection, Scripture, and a Bear Prayer for the End of Day from Brother, Sister, and even Honey Bear, these 90 reflections on simple Christian truths such as God loves us, love one another, be courageous and kind, and much more are the peaceful way to end a busy day.

Bear Country friends will be featured throughout in simple artwork from the Living Lights brand..


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My grandchildren were delighted to view the new Berenstain Bears Bedtime Devotional . . . it’s the perfect addition to our family library — and a perfect choice for my granddaughter to read from each evening before she hops into bed (like brother and sister bear).

As a Christian family, we have a special appreciation for Christian faith-based stories in the Living Lights series.

The Berenstain Bears Bedtime Devotional shares many wonderful bedtime devotionals — 90 to be exact — enough for an entire season. We’ll be starting it for the winter season and we’re looking forward to our evening devotions, especially my granddaughter, who loves to read.

This is a great addition to your family library. Be sure to pick up a copy soon for your family . . . and get a few extra copies to give as Christmas gifts.

This book will most definitely be a blessing to children (and parents) everywhere!

Happy Reading!



God Bless You!

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  1. Marilyn R October 26, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    Berenstain Bears Bedtime Devotional will be a perfect gift for children this Christmas.

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